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Top 14 Signs of Termites Infestation: Experts Opinion

Signs of termites: India is a country of rivers. There are cities and towns, mahallas and villages. The atmospheric conditions like temperature, rainfall, wind speed, humidity are also different from any other or neighboring countries.

Maybe the cultures, food habits, and social status are different, maybe the clothes, houses, and behaviors are different. But the pests problem they are facing the same.

Whether it is in highrises or houses, villas or flats, huts or slums, one common problem is termites. As we, in India, all are in the termites-prone zone. So we are in the same boat.

If we want to become safe from termites we need to treat them at an earlier stage. It’s not easy to find the infestation of termites. Just call a professional pest control company and handed over the responsibility to them.

A good pest control service provider can do this for you.


Caution: Termites are Making Meal of Your Homesigns-of-termites


Wood, clothes, books contain cellulose and cellulose is the food for termites. Termites started eating from breakfast to lunch to dinner to breakfast. Termites never stop having their lunch. According to National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and Indian Pest Control Association (IPCA), your premises are more likely to damage by termite rather than any natural calamity. There are several species of termites. But all of them are cellulose eater. 

1. Mud Tubes on Walls


If you have mud tubes on your premises like door frames, wooden furniture or fixtures, dark and damp corners, walls, or beside the ac duct it’s a simple case of termite infestations. Sometimes electric switchboards and bathrooms and kitchen cabinets are infested by termites.

2. Papery or Hollow-sounding Wood


You built your dream home. Made a wooden flooring. But suppose you listen hollow sound from it. Or you discover papery wood. Definitely, you have a problem with termites on your wooden floor. Get termite proofing service in wood immediately. Otherwise, you discover termites ruins all.


3. Tunnels or/and Spores in the Wood

termite control in wood

Tiny spores may be a sign of dry wood termites. The spore can be visible in naked eyes. Termites have cellulose and make tunnels in the wood. This is the early sign. If you detect earlier and treat it accordingly. You can make your wooden furniture, floors, wooden frames safe from unwanted damages.

4. Termites Droppings

termite droppings

Termites droppings also a big symbol of infestation. Whenever you find such muddy wooden alike small particles. Treat the guest with your best capabilities. Call an exterminator and make it happen in no time.

5. Chewing Noises is the Signs of Termites


During the night, when everyone slept, termites can spoil your sleep,  you can listen crerr… crerr… from your bed or almirah. Yes, it’s a nightmare, as termites never sleep, this is the infestation of termites. 

6. Flying Termites or Discarded Wings

Flying termites control

Sometimes we call the flying termites is  Swarmer sometimes Allets. Whatever you can call these. Basically, these are the signs of termites, flying termites. During monsoon, the swarmers are come out from termites nest for meeting to build new populations, new nests. Then we can visualize the winged termites. Be careful with flying termites. Your own soil can be handed over to new termite queens and kings. They can rule over you.

7. Mud Heaps

Termite mud heap control

Termite workers are always in search of food. The main responsibility of the blind termite workers is to collect food for all the members. They have the cellulose from the wood and make the rest of the mud heaps. It’s alarming if you find termite heaps nearby your property. 


8. Damaged Wood

termite damaged wood control

Damages woods are more dangerous than any other signs of termite infestations. That means termites already identified the wood and made bulls eye to those wood. If you have such a termite problem get a free termite inspection from the expert termite controller in Kolkata.


9. Spores in Clothes

Termite control in cloths

If you find damaged clothes or you show tiny spores on costumes. Clothes are damage like silverfish. It’s may possible to termite infestations. Don’t neglect the problem or don’t take it lightly. Be sure what the problem is? Identify the source of the pest and kill the enemy and relax.

10. Mud in Electrical Conceal Wiring


The signs of termites in electrocortical switchboards are very common to the urban people.. As the electrical wiring either on wooden panels or conceal in the wall. Whatever may be, the problem is a problem always. Maximum cases we found that’s subterranean termites. Termites are coming through the pipelines from the soil.

11. Signs of Termite in Garden

Termite-garden-nestIf gardening is your hobby, you must see these types of infestations. Treat the species before spoiling the beauty of your landscapes. 

12. Uneven Wooden Surface

termite-uneven -wood-treatment

The wooden floor can be affected by termites naturally. The signs of termites can be identified if suddenly your wooden floor or furniture becomes uneven. The simplest solution for termite control in the wood just to replace it.

13. Damaged Paper or Books

termite damaged paper

Papers contain cellulose. If is there any of the papers or books that have minimum humidity the probability of termite infestation can be increase by 73%. Keep your books in a dry place to avoid unexpected damages to termites.

14. Die Back on Live Trees


Termite can make die back on live trees also. Have close monitoring on your landscape if is there any termite issues, kill the cruel creatures as soon as possible.

Control Termite: Otherwise Termites will Control You

Termites (Isoptera sp.) are sometimes called white ants although there are very few similarities with them. Termites are such a destructive pest that can ruin your property in a day. If you won’t control termite then termite will control your lifestyle, social respect and financial prosperity.

Termites never sleep: Treated as the most hard-working pest in the world and never stop eating: always find, collect and have cellulose from various sources like books, woods, costumes, etc. Termites are always roaming through the tunnel called mud tubes. Making colonies or mud tubes can make your premise porous from inside.

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