Post-Construction Termite Control Service in Kolkata

Goodbye Pest provides eco-friendly post-construction termite control services in Kolkata. We provide a free termite inspection, monitoring, and removal of harmful bugs as per your building. Our prices are cost-effective and guaranteed results that would free up your property from pests.

Post-construction termite control consists of drilling holes with recommended pesticide emulsion and sealing the gaps. Subterranean termites are done by building a barrier that kills the nuisance pests. We inspect these areas of your property:

  • False ceilings like plywood and sheets
  • Artworks, frames, and wooden decorative articles
  • Bathroom and toilet doors
  • Wardrobes, expansion joints, and contact points
  • Drainage pipes

Stages of Post Construction Anti-Termite Treatment

Non-toxic herbal treatments are sufficient to kill and destroy termite colonies. Our method includes:

  • Proper inspection
  • Drilling the floor
  • Injecting a chemical
  • Installing the bait for pest control

Advantages of Our Anti-Termite Treatment

We aim to provide complete control and prevention of termites from your property.

  • Protection – Our expert technicians will visit your property and build a series of holes and penetrate the soil. Then we will pour the appropriate liquids into the pits to create a barrier around the building.
  • Prevention- Don’t keep any scraps of wood on the building sites as these attract termites. Branches of trees should not come in contact with your property. Check your AC for any drips because the wet soil generates moisture, which in turn attracts termites.

Book Our Termite Control Service

Goodbye Pest is your only reliable choice for controlling termites. We provide honestly, quality, and expert solutions that prevent bugs from coming up. Call us today at +91 91 4361 4361, toll-free 1800 891 1981 to book your appointment. Our technicians will respond to your call within 24 hours. You can also fill up the online customer response form and get a free quote post-construction termite control services in Kolkata. Visit our website to book your service and receive renowned care from our outstanding team.

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