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Goodbye Pest is the leading termite control company in Kolkata that intends to provide every residential and commercial area in the city with the most excellent pest control amenities. Our impeccable termite control service Kolkata helped us gain high customer satisfaction by boosting clientele health by killing off termites.

Why Opting for Our Kolkata Termite Control Service Agency is Ideal

Our Kolkata termite control service agency makes your livelihood much safer when you are away from such pestering troubles! Termites can cause various allergic reactions or asthma attacks.

Sometimes, people develop health issues from the inferior chemicals used by individual pest control companies. But not with Goodbye Pest’s termite control service Kolkata. We provide the best Kolkata termite control services using the safest natural pesticides ranging from mechanical to biological pest controls.

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  • Termites are known for their detrimental effects on your health and your home and its furniture. It is the leading cause of wood damage. Thus, to protect your car’s value, call our termite control service agency Kolkata for impeccable servicing.
  • Our termite control service Kolkata ensures you better sleep. With termites under control, you can sleep peacefully without waking up to termite bites.
  • Termites are also harmful to agriculture and farming. So, if you want to safeguard your grazing land and forestry, rely on the best termite control service in Kolkata, Goodbye Pest.

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Termite Control Service Agency Kolkata to End the Tyrannical Rule of Termites!

Goodbye Pest’s termite control service Kolkata is your saving grace for heightened long-term health relief. Being a leading termite control agency in Kolkata, we know how important it is to protect your family from such destructive pests. Thus, trust our professionals when it comes to pest removal.

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Goodbye Pest is accredited as the best termite pest control company in Kolkata by ADG Best Pest Wiper 2020 for their unparalleled contribution during COVID19 for the following reason:
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  4. Response - Prompt response
  5. Service delivery - within 24 hours
  6.  Availability - 24/7 always avail service
  7. Team - Expertise in the field
  8.  Support - 24/7
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Best rated termite pest control company is Goodbye Pest. Highly recommended. You can experience the difference from their wide range of pest control services in Kolkata.
There are three main types of termites:
  1. Subterranean Termite
  2. Dry wood Termite
  3. Damp wood Termite
The process of their treatment is totally different from each other.
  1. For Subterranean Termite: Need to Drill, Fill & Seal DFS
  2. For Dry wood Termite: Spray is a good choice but depending on infestation DFS Seal with wooden putty.
  3. Dry wood Termite: Injecting Chemicals should be better choice.
However cost depends on some parameter:
  1. Level of Infestation: How it is Low, Medium, High
  2. Area of Treatment: How much area to be treated
  3. Cost of Chemicals: Generation of Chemical
  4. Difficulty of reach: Is it in the heart of the city or difficult to access
  5. Service Standard: Protocol and Expertise
In goodbye Pest we are dedicated to give the best to our customer. We never compromise with the quality and did not negotiate charges of our service. We are expensive thus we can give excellent.
Termite Pest Control is not a rocket science for you can do it yourself. Firstly you have to understand the species and have to do the treatment accordingly:

i) Subterranean Termite

ii) Dry-wood Termite

iii) Damp-wood Termite

Methodology for Subterranean Termite:

1. Drill:

  • Drill with Centre to Centre distance of 1 foot at 45⁰ angles with 10mm drill.

2. Fill:

  •  Fill with TermiNush chemical in each hole with 3-4 times or until it's filled properly.
  • Dosage: Chemical will be applied Premise of Bayar @ 3ml/liter

3. Seal:

  • Seal all the holes with white oxide.

Methodology for Dry-Wood Termite:

  • To control dry-wood, we have to inject with oil based chemical.

Methodology for Damp-Wood Termite:

  • We need to carry out spray treatment for controlling damp-wood termite.
There is no such process or protocol to completely eradicate termite naturally. As the thumb rule of termite control says different. However there are few natural way by which you can get relief for a very short period or you can prevent the infestation locally. Kerosene Oil, Turpentine Oil, Vinegar, Neem Oil are such product you can try. Ultimately you have to screening with an expert professional pest controller in Kolkata can gives you desire result.  
The most effective pest control you can get as per BIS 6313 is pre-construction anti-termite treatment. We in Goodbye Pest follow the standard IS 6313.
The city like Kolkata, termite is a common problem of almost all premises due to
  1. Kolkata is situated at bank of river Hoogly.
  2. Atmosphere of the city through out the year is in between 15º to 30º centigrade.
  3. Average humidity is 70.8%
  4. Rainfall average at Kolkata is 1582 mm yearlyTermite Control Kolkata
As these parameters are the ideal for breeding of termite so it's our recommendation to take termite control service either precautionary or correctively mandatory to safeguard your dream home.
There are more than 46 species of termite identified as of now. So, being a common people it' not so easy to identify all types of termite. But you can identify few of them with their infestation.
  1. mud tubes/colonies
  2. damaged wood
  3. discolored wood
  4. hollow sounds
  5. body parts etc.
A professional entomologist can do it easily within a couple of minutes. Termite control Kolkata
Yes! The chemicals suppose to use for controlling the termite pest issue are 100% safe. Though there are few companies till use traditional chemicals like organophosphate, which has a carcinogenic (Causes Cancer) effect. It gives a foul smell also. It's highly unhealthy. Maximum developed countries already banned those chemicals. However, the latest 5th generation chemical has no smell or very little smell, long residual effect. Basically, the WHO (World Health Organization), CIB (Central Insecticide Board), and BIS-6313 also recommended in their guideline to use. Get in touch for more details: 1800 891 1981
Call an expert termite control professional for inspection. Being a responsible company they'll give:
  1. Ten points checklist,
  2. Audit cum inspection report
  3. Recommendations
All of these you can get free of cost. Then you may decide what need and what need not to do. So, what are you waiting for? Avail Free Termite Inspection Now!!!
There are hundreds of termite pest control kolkata companies. The best way find
  1. Good word of mouth. Choose some one who is already given a good service and great experience.
  2. Referred one may be the good for you.
  3. Google-it you can find a good list of companies. Speak with them
  4. Ask to visit your property
  5. Ask an Inspection cum Audit Report
  6. Request them to send profiles of that company
But you the main objective should be finalize a professional Termite Pest Control Agency near me.
Termite is a big threat to us. As an individual or a society it's not possible to control termite pest issue. Hiring a professional termite control agency also sometimes fails to do so. So that Government of India Bureau of Indian Standard made a guideline for measure IS 6313 Anti Termite Treatment (pre construction) in 1981 and revised further in 2001, 2013 and so on.

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