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Welcome to Goodbye pest control in Kolkata! Does your home or office is infested with harmful pests like rats, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs and ants in your home, kitchen, restaurant in Kolkata, West Bengal? If yes, then you are definitely in need of pest control services in Kolkata.

We at Goodbye pest offer a wide range of services related to pest control in the city of Kolkata at affordable prices to our clients who are searching for termite control near me.

Learn more: Why Kolkata is a favorable breeding spot for pests?

Pest Control: Experience Local  Knowledge with Global Expertise

Our trained professionals in Kolkata pest control will help you get rid of pests with the latest chemicals for treatments and equipment.

According to one of the latest news reports published in the Times of India, 81% of the commercial shops, malls, offices in Kolkata, restaurants, hotels are hiring experts before resuming operations after the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown period. 

Get in touch with us and say yes to a cleaner and pest-free home or workplace in Kolkata & Howrah and various parts of the city.

Pest Control Services Near Me: Where Quality Meets with Expertise

Pest control is refers to the scientific way of control of a certain species defined as a pest, usually because it is perceived to be detrimental to a public’s health, the ecology, social or the economy. 

The collective, scientific, comprehensive process of pest control is called Pest Management. Near me in Kolkata companies are use two different ways for controlling house hold insect pest, pro-active measures and corrective measures.


In Goodbye Pest, we always use to deliver our pest control services in a proactive way, by which sources are identified before treating, can deliver services as per pest calendar. Goodbye Pest can assume and restrict the pest infestation before it’s becoming unbearable.

Pest Control Companies in Kolkata

As Kolkata is warmer, wetter and that’s conditions favor pest activity and populations. Goodbye Pest has that kind of expertise & professionalism enough.

The pest control company for urban people, to get rid of the pest with our pest control service near me in Kolkata, will also benefit, no doubt.

During monsoon sometimes a bunch of winged insects flying out of a hole in the woodwork or soil and more often from walls called termite swarm; the termites, a destructive insect. 

So be aware of it. Call us for guaranteed pest control services licensed professional, Goodbye Pest Control Company in Kolkata. You will save money, health, social respect and troubles in the long run.

Present Scenario Pest Control India

In post lockdown in the new normal situation for post-COVID 19 pest control in India has become very essential for all of us. Children living in houses with pests have a greater likelihood of diseases. Even fatal asthma, skin, liver attacks may happen. 

Goodbye Pest approached pest control services near me from a social justice perspective and focused on scientific methodology, treatment process, protocol. 

We’re doing something very different and unique. 

Future of Herbal Pest Control Services

Research is an ongoing process 24/7 to improve pest-free living. 

The urban company of pest control research is opening a new windows for the future of new methodologies that are non-toxic, chemical-free non-hazards. 

Goodbye Pest control services near me in Kolkata is always searching for better products, less toxic, less harmful, fewer side effects chemical, searching for the latest methodology of applications to provide customer Hi Care Pest Management Services.

We Are Updating and Upgrading Our Pest Management Services

  • How we can give our best to the customers. When a customer searches for “pest control near me” we crouching to give them satisfaction with our bugs control services.
  • How we can provide to getting rid of insect pests to our valued customer. 
  • Groundbreaking technologies and processes made it possible for us to wipe out or eradicate the pest population without harming the ecosystem or non-targeted insect pests.

Goodbye Pest | FAQ

Termites, rats, ants, rodents, cockroaches, and mosquitoes are the major concern in Kolkata and need to be removed as quickly as possible as they can cause major health issues such as plague, dengue, malaria, typhoid, and other deadly diseases.
Pest control cost depends on various parameters:
  • What for is you taking the service: Like Cockroach, spider, Mosquito, termite, bedbugs etc.
  • Level of infestation: Means how much amount the pest is in your premise, Low, Medium or High.
  • Area of the premise: How much area of your premise.
  • Type of premise: Old or New building, Commercial or residential.
  • Locality: where the premise is in.
  • Season: When do you want to take service
  • Time: Your preferred time is a key factor, whether is it in day time or in Night, weekdays or weekend.
  • Cost of Chemical/products
  • Expertise Expense
  • Cost of Conveyance
  • Cost of overhead
Always prevention is better than cure. So, pest control can add value to your life to be safe from diseases and financial losses. If you have or have not any pest infestation to your property or your surrounding you must go through precautionary measures on a regular frequency. Maybe the methodology will not be always in Mechanical or Biological or Natural method. Sometimes it’s maybe chemical control but still, we recommended it regularly. Don’t worry professional pest control companies are always used WHO recommended CIB approved household chemical with lethal dosages.
Pest control is not rocket science thus yes you can do it yourself. Pest controlling chemicals and equipment are very much available in the market. You can Google it for chemicals, the methodology of application, and dosage of those certain chemicals. You can get help from any professional pest controller help center also. The easiest way of doing pest control is by cleaning all the home spaces evenly using a good disinfectant. You can do these things manually using a mop by spraying the disinfectant over the floor. Although for top results, it is recommended. The professionals use dedicated machines and disinfectants to help you get rid of the insects. Disclaimer: Little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Never forget to use PPE before pest control. Read all dos and Don’ts, Pros and Cons carefully before executing.
On every occasion, the price depends on value. Value depends on quality. Quality depends on so many parameters. Those parameters depend on hundreds of factors. However, pest control added value to your life. Life is beyond everything and keeps safe not only from various vector-borne diseases and insect-borne diseases but also from financial damages. So, definitely, it is not expensive in any domain.

The methodology of pest control can be carried out into eight methods

  1. Spraying

  2. Gelling

  3. Baiting

  4. Dust Application

  5. Trapping

  6. Catching

  7. Mechanical Batting

  8. Fogging

Call a pest control professional for a pest audit. A certified pest controller will do a step-by-step inspection to help you to solve your pest issue. Free Pest Control Inspection: Only an entomologist/ pest control executive can identify the pest with a various techniques like smell, habitat, dropping, body parts, sounds, signs, footprints, dead or live pests etc. He can identify the source of infestations of insect pests or reptiles, where they are lived in and breed in and level of infestation, entry points. Free Recommendations: He can help with the following: what needs to do to control, how to control, how much time it will take, what should be frequency. Free Customize Estimate: Moreover he can give an estimate for these.
Pest control companies in Kolkata use the following methods to get remove the pest from homes or offices –
  1. Poisoned bait
  2. Household organic sprays
  3. Fumigation
  4. Heat treatment
  5. Disinfectants
  6. Herbicides
  7. Pesticides and insecticides
The pest control services should be availed within a minimum response time. We in Goodbye Pest use to respond on the very time and service must be carried out in the next 24 hours. Our service will be non-toxic & hassle-free.
Although there is no unique dedicated name for this profession, most people are called pest control professionals, technicians, or simply exterminators. The latter one sounds cool and can be easily pronounced well. Try one.
A good pest control company employs organic ways of pests elimination, which doesn’t harm the environment. Goodbye Pest is one such company that eliminates all the pests in your home/ office or surroundings with their special pest management techniques.
Places like Kolkata have a climate that favors pest production. These places get infected by these insects, which may damage the life stocks and also cause illness. To protect yourself & your loved ones, you should employ a pest control service in Kolkata that facilitates eliminating the pests through their different pest management activities.
Certain places like Kolkata are a favorable breeding ground for pests like ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and rats. These insects damage your home or office resources and may also pose a threat to your health. When you feel that they are damaging a major chunk of your resources or are communicating diseases, you should immediately seek the support of any good pest management service in India.

Pest Control Service Agency in Kolkata

Goodbye, as one of the popular Pest control companies in Kolkata, offers a variety of services at Residential and Commercial customers to remove harmful and hazardous pests from their homes and offices.

Learn More How To Choose Pest Control Company in Kolkata



Cockroaches are common insects that are known for spoiling food and foul odor. They cause stomach and skin infections in humans. It's hinders the growth of these pests in homes or offices with the best products for treatments all across Kolkata and around the city. Cockroaches are mostly found in Kitchen, Restaurants, Drains, Bathrooms, Store etc.



Termites damage furniture, stationery, clothing, plastic, rubber items, furnishings, grains, building materials, and etc. in homes and offices. They build tubes of mud to avoid any kind of light between their source of food and the nest. Pest control experts use sprays on the mud tubes filled with termiticide to kill Dry wood & Subterranean Termite.



Being one of the most common insects found in India, ants are one such pest that can cause severe damage to the edible items in the kitchen. Ants’ infestation can lead to food poisoning, business losses in the food business, skin allergies, and loss of reputation. Pest control companies use ant pesticides to control the nesting of ants in your home or offices.



Mosquitoes are known to spread diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, etc. among human beings making them fall seriously ill and sometimes causing death. The mosquito pest control companies use fogging techniques, spraying of insecticides on the inside walls, and neutralization of breeding spaces.

Why Should You Choose Goodbye Pest Control Services?

You may be wondering why you would be interested in goodbye pest. Well here are some of the reasons that you should know before hiring Goodbye pest control.

  1. 24X7 support service: Just a call away:  91 4361 4361
  2. Toll Free 1800 891 1981 with 24/7 Customer Support
  3. 10+ Years of experience in the field of pest control Kolkata
  4. Monthly/AMC pest control service packages for clients
  5. State of the art equipment used in pest control services
  6. Performing services COVID-19 hygiene standard 
  7. ADG Best Pest Wiper 2019 & 2020 Certificated
  8. ISO 9001:2015 Certified Agency, Startup India, MSME
  9. Central Insecticide Board (CIBapproved best chemicals 
  10. WHO guidelines for Commercial Pest Control
  11. Government Approved Entomologist from IGMRI, Hapur

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