Best Pest Control in Howrah

Why Pest Control is Necessary

Your search for pest control in Howrah ends here! Goodbye Pest Control provides hand full of professional pest control services in and around the city.

Howrah has its own rich cultural and heritage value. So, it needs to nourish with Howrah pest control companies.

Being on the bank of the Hoogli river as well as the world-famous railway junction, Grand Trunk Road has also connected four major metro cities.

The city is also connected with the city of joy Kolkata with two major bridges: Vidyasagar Setu and Rabindra Setu. The city becomes the most favorable and attractive, crowded, and cosmopolitan place in India.

So that, pest like termite, cockroach, ants, flies, lizard problem is very natural over here.

Best Termite Pest Control India Howrah

There are lots of heritage buildings, statues, monuments, sculptures at the same time in other and new cities, towns, malls, supermarkets, administration buildings are also there.

Being a heritage city, maximum premises are very old moreover average temperatures, climatic conditions, humidity and quality of soil make a favorable place for termite pests.

Thus it a must requirement of the best pest control services.

Goodbye pest provides free ten points checklist, free termite inspection cum audit report, free estimates by which one can easily come to know the status and probability of termite infestation.

The homeowner can contact us for professional termite control service in Howrah.

Goodbye Pest carries out the best termite control service with the best available chemicals and equipment.

Howrah Pest Control Price

The price is a very crucial part of Pest control Howrah. Pest control very much essential and become a part and parcel. So, pest control price in Howrah is a concert for residential pest control and commercial pest control. The property owners can avail the cheapest pest control services from Goodbye Pest. There are hundreds of pest control companies in Howrah but Goodbye pest always committed to doing the best quality pest management services.

Pest Control Howrah Contact Number

The best pest control contact number is here! To get cockroach control service, bed bugs control service, termite pest control ant for other pest control nearby. There are various channels for pest controllers in Howrah to contact us.

Pest Control Toll-Free Number 1800 891 1981
Mobile Number +91 91 4361 4361
Mobile Number +91 6289 00 72 72
Mail Id

FAQ | Pest Control Howrah

Pest Control Charges in Howrah

Pest Area Charges
Single Service Annual Maintenance Charge AMC
General Pest Control 2BHK Rs. 999.00 Rs. 3200.00
Cockroach Control 2BHK Rs. 799.00 Rs. 2800.00
Bed Bugs Control 2BHK Single Service not effective Rs. 4500.00 (Three Service6 months warranty)
Termite Control (Post Construction) 2BHK Rs. 1180.00 Temporary Solution Rs. 6400.00 (Moderate Problem with 6 year warranty)
Wood borer Control 300 Sq. ft Rs. 1350.00 Rs. 6400.00 (Moderate Problem with 6 year warranty)
Ant Control 2BHK Rs. 799.00 Rs. 2800
Lizard Control 2BHK Rs. 999.00 Rs. 3200.00
Howrah is a heritage city. The following pests are mostly found in Howrah:
Sl. No. Pest Percentages
1 Termite 53.6%
2 Cockroach 25.2%
3 Bedbugs 2.8%
4 Rodents 18.4%
Pest control depends on the infestation. As the process is done with household chemicals so, it's recommended that if the pest problem does not persist then definitely not required.
Pest control is a must requirement to become safe from unwanted pests bite, rashes, deadly diseases, financial losses, property damages and protect our food grains.
The best practice for termite pest control is Pre-construction Anti Termite Treatment during the project start. If it was not done earlier then we should go for Post-construction Anti Termite Treatment. However, spray treatment does not provide broad-spectrum results.
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