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Beware of Roaches! Be aware of your Health

To keep your health sound and your living space clean, call the best cockroach control service in Kolkata, Goodbye Pest! Did you know that there are multiple roaches’ species that can cause unsanitary living conditions?cockroach control in kolkata

Our spotless best cockroach control service in Kolkata has killed every roach infestation before it can begin to destroy your peace! We never compromise with quality service delivery. Never missed any commitment. Never negotiate with price. We always concern about 100% customer satisfaction.

Why Call for Our Cockroach Control Services

Goodbye Pest aims to deliver its residential and commercial customers the best cockroach control service in Kolkata. We have pest controls ranging from low toxic chemicals, non-toxic dust application, and herbal gel. Goodbye pest uses to use natural and herbal to safeguard your health and the environment. Our Kolkata cockroach control services aim to be the highest quality-conscious cockroach control company in Kolkata. For us, the aim is to derive 100% clientele satisfaction without compromising our standard and effectiveness.

Perks of Calling Our Cockroach Control Service Agency Kolkata

  • Our cockroach control service agency Kolkata aims to reduce roach-related health complications like cholera.
  • With our impeccable cockroach control service in Kolkata, you can enjoy a healthier kitchen leading to healthier cooking and food.
  • Hiring our professionals from the leading cockroach control agency in Kolkata can save a lot of money and time. We have the necessary know-how and pest controls to clean every corner from roaches.
  • What makes us the best Kolkata cockroach control service agency is our ability to provide you with the best, cleanest results. We wish to exceed your expectations and let our actions do the talking!

Ring the Best Cockroach Control Agency in Kolkata

If you find yourself destroyed by the nagging species of roaches, then worry no more. By merely dialing our professionals from the leading cockroach control service you can get the best results. So, say goodbye to roaches forever and lead a healthier life!

FAQ | Cockroach Control Kolkata

A professional exterminator like Goodbye Pest gives the utmost priority to their customers. Upgrading and updating with latest knowledge, technology and entomology and implement to the customer's satisfaction. The perfect mixture of expertise, knowledge, dedication and commitment makes 100% guaranteed results on not only cockroach control service in Kolkata also in any field of service industries.
During pest control we must keep in our mind that customers are taking cockroach pest control service to live. Pest control agency in Kolkata should use non-hazardous, non-toxic or less-toxic, eco friendly chemicals or products in all domains. Basically they have to follow the guidelines of WHO and abide by Central Insecticide Board (CIB) approved chemicals for house hold commercial cockroach pest control. In CIB strictly instructed not to use organophosphate or any chemical with carcinogenic effect. Pest control companies are using the following methods
  1. Spray for Knock down Treatment
  2. Gel Baiting both Toxic or Herbal
  3. Trapping with pheromone based glue board
  4. Dust Disodium Octa borate Tetrahydrate application
  5. Atta Treatment with Boric Acid
A professional pest controller also gives the recommendations to reduce cockroaches infestation.
Depending on area and level of infestation cockroach control cost/charge in Kolkata may defer from one to another company. The best service with non-toxic product, Gel & Spray and hassle free to experience the difference these are the average cost:
Treatment 1 RK 2BHK 3BHK 4BHK
Single Service 799 899 999 1099
AMC  (4 Service) 2800 3200 3600 4000
Pest Control Service in Ballygunge The best, is the superlative degree of good. The creatures, insect pests we only can control or manage with various systematic approaches. The best pest control is only possible when so many factors meet in an end.
  1. Technical Operator: How the operator treating the problems and approaches, dedication, knowledge makes difference. It's a big factor in solving the pest issue. Sometimes the same chemical with the same dose can fail due to a lack of knowledge, due to a shortage of some technical applications.
  2. Location of Application: A professional pest control operator/ Supervisor have to identify the source of the infestation, where he can apply the chemical.
  3. Chemicals & Dosage: Proper chemical and standard dosage can gives the ultimate result. One professional pest control operator can know the perfects lethal dose for the pest.
  4. Choice of chemicals: Choice of chemical is the key factor.
  5. Response of Complain: Complain is a part and Purcell of any service industry but that's not an issue. How they address the issue that's a vital point. If the pest problems come from outside the what is their corrective measures that will be your concern.
  6. Size of Organization: The size of Organization does not matters to you. For a large organization, you are someone to them but you are a credential customer to a small agency.
Just try to minimize the open food source, clean the property. Deny entry and shelter. Ins-spite of all still the problem persist call a professional pest controller for a free estimate.
Goodbye Pest is the best cockroach control company in Kolkata. Goodbye pest is very much concern about health and hygiene of the customer cockroach infestation is very easy with product that is Disodium Octa borate Tetrahydrate (DOT - Formula: Na2B8O13·4H2O Molar mass: 412.527 g/m Appearance: white powder). Unique state of the art technique application of dust with dust applicator in the habitat of German Cockroaches (B. Germanica) in the crack and crevices at the kitchen, hinges of the door frame, refrigerator, cabinets, stores etc. Basically Cockroaches can hold their breath for up to 6.347 minutes. Their respiratory system is highly efficient but there are no lungs. Instead, the insects draw in air through external valves called spiracles and transport the air directly to the cells via tubes called trachea. During their breathing the take it into their body.
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