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Termite Control in Kolkata is not so easy. As Kolkata not only the city of joy but also city of termite also. Our beloved city Kolkata and Howrah is situated in the bank of river Hoogly. The atmosphere here is neither too cold or too hot. Humid weather and moisture make the breeding ground of various pest including termite. We in Goodbye Pest provides the best termite control company in Kolkata. We provide guaranteed service in Termite Control.  Only the quality can makes us different.


Why do we use it?

Early detection of termite infestation is very important to restrict huge damages of your dream home or assets. Termite not only ruins your home, it may damages your belongings like currency, cloths, books etc. To prevent earlier you need to go for yearly asses of termite infestation probability. As always prevention is better than cure.

Benefits of Termite Inspection

Only an certified trained professional pest controller can identify the analysis the present scenario of the premise. Only he can give a perfectly and thoroughly customize plan and proper suggestions what to do.

  • Identify the level of infestation or probability of infestation
  • Risk Assessment and Analysis Report
  • Free Internal Pest Audit cum Inspection Report
  • Plan of action
  • Methodology of service
  • 24 x 7 Support
  • State of the art protocol
  • Maintaining all the parameters of Safety and Hygiene standard.

FAQ on Termite

Is termite inspection costly?

Not at all. We are providing free termite inspection for all. Just make a call to +91 91 4361 4361 or contact us. We are a call away. So. what are you waiting for?

How much time will take for response?

We are in war foot. After getting your mail/call we’ll make sure the requirements over telephone. Then we send our expert within next 24 hours.

How much time will take for inspection?

We never say the exact time for carrying of an inspection cum audit for termite. It’s normally takes 30 to 45 minutes. Some times it’s may take long time depending on infestation level and area of infestation.

Can I get assessment and analysis report?

Yes! Within a short span you can get it absolutely free.

Can I get customized proposal/plan/estimate for me?

Yes! On that very moment you can get the customized proposal/plan/estimate for you in soft copy.

Can I book and pay for the service online?

Yes! You can get discount also in online booking and payment.

What is the process of termite control?

Basically we are treating termite according to the species and infestation/problem level.

For dry wood termite: Spray with Oil or chemical injection.

For post construction subterranean termite: Drill, Fill & Seal

For pre construction subterranean termite: Rodding & Soil treatment

Is the service warranted?

Yes! The service will come up with a warranty. Depending on property it’s may vary from 2 to 50 years.

Is it value for money guaranteed?

Yes! We always doing the service in customers’ favor. We assure to all our customers with our best quality services.

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