covid protection & pest control

Covid Protection & Pest Control Go Hand in Hand for Hygiene

“Anindita lost him in February and the situation was never the same”,.

Anindita had her pet named Bruno with whom she used to spend her quarantine days, but suddenly in February. There were some changes of events that took place. Her pet was affected by tick and flea which resulted in babesia (Babesia is a tiny parasite that infects your red blood cells.

The parasitic infection is usually transmitted by a tick bite. Babesiosis often occurs at the same time as Lyme disease) in a month she ran errands but the consequences were the same as before, and thus she lost her pet.

This could have been avoided if her home was free from tick and flea, with proper pest control. She could have Bruno to date, the health and hygiene of both humans and pets are correlated. That depends largely on these factors.

COVID Protection and Pest Control

covid ProtectionPets are often prone to tick and flea, usually, the households are the places where tick and flea often get unnoticed and these are effects that your pets have to face as follows:

  1.  Skin Irritations:

    When you see sores or scabs on your pet’s skin. It could be because of fleas. Some veterinarians say flea allergic dermatitis is the most common skin condition in pets. This occurs when your pet is bit by the flea and reacts to the flea saliva.

  2.  Relentless Itching (Even you can get affected by this):

    Even if your pet doesn’t have a flea allergy, having those parasites on their body will constantly bite and make them itch. If left untreated, there will be a full-blown flea infestation on your hands and you may find fleas attacking you as well. 

  3.  Internal Infections:

    If your pet swallows a flea, there is a risk for internal complications, including tapeworm or even anemia.

  4.  Lyme Disease:

    Carried by ticks, Lyme disease is one of the best-known parasite-carried diseases. Your pet could bring in a tick that could be transferred to you and if the tick had the disease, it could give it to you.

In this time of quarantine where the luxury to be out of your place will be a dream for the coming months. The surge of covid is rising higher and higher, proper pest controlling is the only way out is to implement proper pest control, the following are the benefits 

  1.  Keeps Diseases Out:

    Most of the pests that keep roaming about in our house carry diseases that can be easily transmittable to humans and animals (if you have any pets). Pests can have harmful effects on your health and your family’s health.

  2.  Reduces Health Risks:

    Once your pet is out of danger, the danger of transmitting those diseases to you gets minimized. Not only the hygiene of your place will be maintained but also your pet will be out of danger for the coming time.

  3.  Long-Term Health Relief:

    The benefits of proper pest controlling are long-term, for the foreseeable future it will keep you and your pets healthy.

Goodbye Pest has trained professionals in Kolkata pest control, with the usage of the latest chemicals for treatments and equipment. Goodbye Pest ensures your household is free from tick and fleas.

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