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In places like Kolkata, it’s not easy to find top 10 termite pest control in Kolkata, the natural habitat favors insects’ breeding due to the warm and humid climate, good rainfall, and polluted lands. If you are also from Kolkata, you must be aware of the problems that arise due to these pestering insects carrying out our daily life activities. Owing to Kolkata’s pest problems, many offices, shop owners, and homeowners prefer using the professional services of termite pest control service providers in Kolkata. It helps eradicate the pest problem in a suitable way that doesn’t hamper your office/ home space and surroundings.


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Our Rating Criteria:

Top 10 best termite pest control service providers in Kolkata

  1. Goodbye Pest
  2. Kolkata Pest Control
  3. Future Pest Control Services
  4. Indian Pest Solutions & Sanitizer Services
  5. Compare Facility Pest Services
  6. Dadson HPS India Pvt. Ltd.
  7. Royal Management Services
  8. Jupiter Pest Control LLP
  9. Prime Pest Control Services
  10. Golden Pest Solutions


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Are you haunted by the pests living in your kitchen or bedroom? And want them to be removed completely out of your home?

Using a good pest control service is important to safely dispose off all the lurking pests in your home with professional precision. Pests are real trouble when it comes to living comfortably at your home. It hampers our good times, decreases productivity, and also communicates various diseases to our loved ones.

Pest control services are growing at a rate of more than 4.48% per year annually and greatly help make our lives happier.

Good pest control companies provide a recurring cleaning service which helps in the long term treatment of pest problems at your home/ office. It significantly helps companies to maximize their profit options due to healthy interaction between the business and clients. Here we list down the 10 best termite pest control service providers in Kolkata.

Before that, let’s quickly check on the criteria for choosing our top 10 pest control services company in Kolkata.

Our Rating Criteria:

  1. Brand reputation
  2. Good Word of mouth
  3. Easy Paperwork
  4. No hidden terms and conditions
  5. Trained technicians
  6. Ability to create a customized plan
  7. Government-approved license
  8. Only use non-toxic compounds that are safe for children and pets

Top 10 best termite pest control service providers in Kolkata

  1. Goodbye PestGoodbye Pest is a leading termite pest control service provider in Kolkata who has developed an appreciation for their pest cleaning services by the local people. A unit with ISO 9001:2015 certification, they are recognized as ADG best pest viper in Kolkata that provides a range of services, including termite inspection, pre-construction termite control, post-construction termite control and best termite control in Kolkata. The services of pests is really trusted and insured as well as reasonable price with quality assured. 


Goodbye Pest Services:

1.      Termite Control
2.       Ant Control
3.       Cockroach Control
4.       Bed Bugs Control
5.       Lizard Control
6.       Mosquito Control
7.       Termite Control
8.       Silverfish Control
9.       Spider Control
10.   Rodent Control



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  • What makes them best?

Abiding by the World Health Organization (WHO) & Central Insecticide Board (CIB) standard rules, Goodbye Pest has pioneered in engineering and using a wide range of non-toxic pest control chemicals eco-friendly for nature. Goodbye Pest has been in the termite pest control industry for the last 10 years and has a track record of 100% guaranteed results.

  • How can you contact Goodbye Pest?

You can contact Goodbye Pest to clean up your house/ office by visiting here.

  1. Kolkata Pest Control: They provide a range of pest control services for businesses and homes. Kolkata Pest Control services in Ballygunge, Dum Dum, Kharagpur, and Salt Lake areas are available for quick fixes. The latest knowledge and skills provide their clients with solutions for their pest control needs. They are in the pest control management industry since 2009.
  1. Future Pest Control Services: They are one of the Pest controls, Sanitization, Disinfection Company in Kolkata, with having ten years of involvement in the field. If you want to disinfect / Pest control your Complex or Workplace to fight against insects and Viruses, they are there to serve. They also have specialist property surveyors and technicians, all located in local Property Care branches.
  1. Indian Pest Solutions & Sanitizer Services: They take pride in the fact that no one knows Pest the way they do. Indian pest solution management network and expertise are unprecedented—100% safe chemical. High-quality chemicals, happy family protection & customer warranty package, are their features.
  1. Compare Facility Pest Services: Professional Pest Control Services In Kolkata – Helping You Get Rid of Unwanted Creepers. Latest developments in controlling pests introduce the latest techniques, including a sprinkling of effective chemicals. Pesticides are not at all effective each and every time. Pest control in Kolkata methodologies truly depends on the type of pests.
  1. Dadson HPS India Pvt. Ltd: They provide Best Pest Control Services, Snake, Mosquito, Bed Bugs Pest Control Services, Security, and Anti- Termite Treatment from Kolkata and have helped many businesses get rid of termites.
  1. Royal Management Services: Royal Management Services is a pioneer brand in providing pest control & Agriculture Machinery, Chemical in West Bengal and Eastern India, serving proficiently for decades. Over the years, they have garnered a sound reputation with a loyal patron base—a lot of happy customers benefited from the service.
  1. Jupiter Pest Control LLP: The vision of Jupiter Pest Control is to give peace of mind to the community by protecting & preserving health & hygiene through professional, trustworthy pest control services for the residential, commercial & government offices while creating a safe, family-oriented work experience for our team of professional. They are a team of dedicated, positive &effective professionals who continuously strive to conduct with the highest level of honesty, integrity & expertise.
  1. Prime Pest Control Services: Prime Pest Control is considered as a good Pest Control Company in Kolkata. They are dealing with the Pest Control and Rodent Control Service and Termite Control, Cockroach Control, Rats Control, Mosquito Control, Flies Control, Ant Control, Cricket Control, Bedbug Control, Fleas Control, Ticks Control, Carpet Beetle Control, Silver Fish, Spider Control, Moths Control since 1998. Apart from the Kolkata West Bengal. They use laboratory tested & clinically proven chemicals and pesticides to execute our services. Besides, advanced methodologies and fast equipment are used to carry the process of fumigation and other termite control services.
  1. Golden Pest Solutions: Golden Pest Solutions provides the best pest control in Kolkata, Howrah, and nearby areas in West Bengal at the best price. They offer all types of pest control services like Termite Control, Cockroach Control, Ants Control, Bedbugs Control, Rodent Control, Mosquito Control, Tics & Fleas Control, Residential Pest Control, and commercial Pest Control & General Pest Control in Kolkata. This is a Govt. certified pest control company in Kolkata. They boast of guaranteed termite control service in Kolkata, Howrah, and nearby areas at an affordable price.


Choosing the best pest control company in Kolkata is an essential task as it will make sure that your home/ office is from pests. Try to keep your homes clean by regularly cleaning them with good quality disinfectants and moping them with wet brushes. You should also opt for bi-monthly pest control services to make sure that your regular efforts are not wasted, and you get a happy clean home.

Check on Goodbye Pest services for peace of your mind regarding pest management issues.

Learn more about why you need the best pest control services in Kolkata in this blog.

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