Sanitization Services During COVID-19 | Corona Second Wave

The world is suffering a pandemic it never anticipated would destroy to this extent. So, to live and let live it needs to get sanitization services from a reliable and professional pest control company.

Months have passed since we stepped out without fearing a foreign entity surrounding us. We have surpassed the 2020 lockdown hoping that everything will attend stability. Alas! it’s 2021 and the situation is still out of control.

Covid 19 has crippled the economy and health sector all around, the unavailability of oxygen, major lockdown in all states, including the closure of other medical clinics.

It is not the time to let one guard down and risk other diseases.

How to Fight Against Covid 19

One of the most major steps that can keep us from getting affected by this virus is proper sanitization measures. We need sanitization services all of the essentials that are required for our day-to-day life, for that we have to step outside of our home.

We cannot just completely omit that but what we can do is keeping ourselves properly clean when we are coming home after the job is done.

  • Hospital Sanitization Services

An important part that cannot be achieved by us to the ultimate extent is something called hospital sanitization. Emergency clinics and medical services offices like helped living and nursing homes are practical objectives for bugs.

Shockingly, these bugs spread germs that can prompt disease, which is perilous especially for patients who may have undermined invulnerability.

Clinically impeded or stationary inhabitants in helped living or nursing homes may likewise succumb to chomps or stings.

Moreover, bugs and rodents can defile clean clinical hardware. Cockroaches flourish with extra pieces and are regularly found in kitchens and restrooms, yet can likewise invade patient rooms.

Once there, cockroaches will search for anything, including paste, cowhide, texture, cleanser, toothpaste, and normal storeroom things.

Reasons for Hospital Sanitization Services

These irritations cause unsanitary circumstances and spread hurtful microbes.

Eating food debased by cockroaches can cause food contamination, while cockroach excrement can seriously influence patients with asthma or sensitivities.

On the other hand, rodents can transmit sicknesses that could be very destructive to patients.

Mice can send tularaemia, and murine typhus, while rodents can spread bubonic plague, toxoplasmosis, and trichinosis.

  • Workplace or Office Sanitization Services

Workplace Sanitization

In a workplace, there is an obligation as well as a commitment to keep your place away from any kind of insects and pests.

On grounds that they’re gross, convey unsafe sickness, and can harm your offices.

It is more disturbing since the rodents, birds, and so forth, accumulate negative impressions from your customers and clients especially in times of Covid.

Commercial pest elimination in West Bengal is important to make sure that the company provides a clean, healthy environment for the visitors as well as the employees.

  • Household or Home Sanitization Services

Household Sanitization

Warm weather has returned in the City of Joy, Kolkata. Thus, bringing pest into your household and other places. The bugs, the crawlies, and every other pest, if they are visible, it is important to take precautions in the time of Covid. As you don’t want to add another disease with already Covid in all places.

Therefore home sanitization services in Kolkata, Howrah with reasonable price is highly recommended to the urban citizen.

How Sanitization Services Flow

  1. PPE: The operator must wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Without PPE can be dangerous.  the infected service operator can be spread instead of protecting vice versa. Full body PPE is recommended by WHO.
  2. Chemical: The best available chemical recommended by the WHO. It’s better to use Virex II 256 of Bayer in 1:256 dilution.
  3.  Equipment: Whoever the manufacturer of the equipment ULV machine but the specifications of the sanitization machine should be:
    Spray Quality Ultra-Low Volume Cold/Mist fogging
    Droplet Size Spray Particle Size 3 – 50 Microns
    Discharge Amount Discharge Capacity 7-14 liter/ hour
    Motor Capacity Rating/RPM 11000W/ 20,000 RPM
    Coverage Coverage Area 2500 m3/hour
  4. SOP: During home disinfection services in Kolkata the operator must ensure to apply standard operating Procedure (SOP).
  5. Price: The price of home sanitization service for covid 19 in Kolkata near me or anywhere else must be reasonable. The main purpose is not to make revenue or making business during this pandemic.
  6. Aim: The focus of the sanitization service should set as for the people.
  7. Make Your Family Safe

In this time of covid, proper sanitization near me in Kolkata of the household for family members, workplace for workers, and patients for hospitals are required. 

The people and your family cannot suffer from the collateral damages. So never let your guard down and call Goodbye Pest for sanitization of our place.

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