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Do’s and Don’ts of Pest Control in Kolkata

Introduction of Do’s and Don’ts of Pest Control

When you are ready to go for pest control services near me in Kolkata, you need to know the do’s and don’ts of pest control in Kolkata. Pests come with numerous problems and in such cases, Pest Control is the only solution. Do you want termites in your house or cockroaches scuttling around your kitchen?

No right? 

Then, to get rid of pests from their life, most people in the city opt for pest control services and the Exterminator inspects and drives the pests away from your house, workplace, or life.

But, the question is how far the pest control service is safe? Does it come with any side effects? 

We are going to light up these matters in this blog on do’s and don’ts of pest control in Kolkata.

Now, the only way out to ensure a safe and Hassle-free Pest Control service is to enquire about the service. You can always call up the concerned service provider and ask about the method and principle under which they serve you.

For example, enquiring about side effects, chemical toxicity of the chemicals they use, whether they serve you with maximum organic and integrated pest control measures or not; these questions can always clear your doubts.

But, what matters most is Careful Planning and Behaviors after pest control service is done and sound knowledge about pest control methods.

Let’s go through the entire piece of writing, and clear your doubts once and for all.


Why do we need Pest Control Service in Kolkata?

Before getting into the topic, one must understand the reason behind the calling of pest control.

Why should one call up the Pest Control?

The simple reason is to curb the pest infestation in your home or workplace.

But, scientifically speaking, pests not only cause property damage but bring with them lots of diseases and mental and physical stress. It is impossible to live in harmony with the pests because of the problems they pose to us.

So, to remove them from our home or workplace, Pest Control is the best way out.


Understanding the various factors causing pest infestation: 

Pest infestation is not an overnight issue. It is impossible that you woke up one morning and saw a giant termite infestation.

There have been many symptoms of the growing infestation that you have overlooked.

Let’s discuss some of the basic facts that can be seen before pest infestation:

  1. The sudden increase in the number of pests in your house. 
  2. Pest droppings in nooks and crannies. 
  3. Wings heaped in corners (in case of termites) 
  4. Small eggs of the pests. 
  5. Loose soil in the garden (in case of ant infestation)

Problems that make calling up the Pest Control Service inevitable:

Pests cause numerous problems. Be it property damage or health issues, pests are menacing devils in every way possible. So, with the growing pest population in Kolkata, safe pest control is a basic necessity to ensure our safety and do’s and don’ts of pest control in Kolkata

  • Property Damage: The biggest problem caused by the pest is Property Damage. Termites, Rats, Silverfish are potential dangers looming on our books, wooden furniture, and other valuables.

Termites bite off the wooden furniture, Silverfish and rats destroy books and journals. So, we can easily understand the degree of damage they cause. 

  • Contamination of food: Pests in our home or other places severely contaminate food, drinking water, and other eatables. Pests like Rats, Cockroaches, mosquitoes, Houseflies are the main contaminants of food.

For example, cockroaches and house flies lays eggs on the food and contaminates it, mosquito breeds in stagnant uncovered drinking water sources and makes it unfit for consumption.

  • These contaminating pests are the principal causal organisms of diseases like Cholera, Plague, and Dysentery, etc.

Mental and Physical Stress: Pests are very notorious and cause not only physical but a lot of mental stress.

  • Like, who would want to cook parallel with scuttling cockroaches around the kitchen, or a library infested with rats and termites is also not fit to study or research.

In short, pests are major causes of problems in human life, and one must get rid of them. The only way to do so is Safe and Proper Pest Control.


The necessity of Safe Pest Control

In Kolkata, there are many companies providing pest control services. But what we want is pest control with safety.

To ensure that, you should always talk with the company and know about their service and then call them at your house.

Pest Controls can come with several side effects and so, safe pest control in Kolkata is extremely important.

The necessity to have safe pest control

  • Pests are bad but Pest Control Side effects are worse: Pests come with so many problems, that we are left with the only option of calling the pest control.

But if we are careless during the pest control method, we may develop serious side effects like nausea, asthma, and other problems. Particularly children are very much prone to these side effects.

  • Chemical toxicity: Nowadays, chemical pest control comes with severe toxicity and causes various problems.

In such a scenario, to overcome the issue of toxicity, proper and safe pest control in Kolkata is very much necessary.

  • Ecosystem Destruction: Improper and unsafe pest control methods not only create problems for the housemates but also destroy the entire ecosystem.

The chemical fumigants used by the Exterminator may cause acute ecosystem destruction or worse Pollution!

  • Killing of useful pests: Various pests share prey-predator relationships and feed on dangerous pests and indirectly help in pest control.

Using chemical pesticides kills off all the pests relentlessly and destroys this food chain, and if the same pest infestation recurs, there is no control over it.

From above, surely, Safe Pest Control is of utmost importance in Kolkata and its outskirts.

Getting rid of pests and then falling ill due to pest control problems is not at all demanded by anybody.

So, before calling in any pest control, do make sure that they harmlessly curb the pest, ask them to give detailed information about their services, and be careful and follow all the instructions of the Exterminator of the pest control service concerned.

How to choose a safe pest control in Kolkata

Pest infestations are getting more common day by day. Pests tend to infest in humid, dark, undisturbed places. In Kolkata, the most commonly spotted infestations are of cockroaches. Other than cockroaches, one might also spot ants, mosquitoes and lizards, etcetera.

When one faces pest infestations, one should get pest control done. The pests are harmful and pest control is the best option.

But choosing the pest control service to pay for is also a task. But, with a little help, it gets easier.

Here are some things to keep in mind while looking for a pest control service:

First, compare the customer reviews. The reviews never lie. Check if the company is insured. So that in case something happens, you don’t end up paying for it. Check for prices, compare them and go for the most favorable one. There’s no need to rush.

Another thing one would want to consider would be customer service. A company with good customer service is always preferable.

Also, the technicians who will be carrying out the work should be considered. They’ll be allowed in our home. So, making sure that they are good with their work is recommended.

Well, these are pretty much the important things one needs to keep in mind while searching for a suitable Pest Control Service provider.


Nominal steps of proper pest control services:

No matter which part of the world you are in, follow these steps for getting proper pest control.

  • Identification

First, identify the infestation. Check for infestations in and around your house. Every pest has got its ideal place to live.

The pests that might infest your house are bed bugs, termites, ants etcetera. Getting the pest infestation identified might be easier if one knows where to look.

And once identified, they need to be exterminated.

  • Pest Control servicing

Second, after getting the infestation confirmed, get Pest Control done.

If you are confused about how to choose, the previous paragraph is for you. Those points will be quite helpful to you. 

  • Precautions

Once you are done with pest control, make sure to keep in mind certain precautions.

For example, wearing masks in the area of the pest control for some time as it’ll be advised by the technicians. Covering clothes, things that are essentials.

Also, if one wants, they can go for organic pesticides for their fields instead of the chemical ones. Don’t enter the place where pest control has just been done. If you want to, make sure to be fully clothed and wear a mask. 

To do list

There are several DOs and DON’Ts while having Pest Control done. They will be discussed here on-wards.

DOs to maintain to have safe pest control in Kolkata

  • Identify the issue

This is the most important one of all. Identifying the issue is the first step. The issue doesn’t get identified; it’ll show up in the future in a more hazardous way. So, keep checking for infestations daily. 

  • Find the extent

Once confirmed, check how serious the infestation is. If it just started, or if it’s growing or, it’s at an alarming stage. Just so one knows where the problem stands and how bad they need the help. 

  • Choose if you want to go for DIY or Pest Control service

One can go for DIY pest control. Doing it yourself is fine; just that it gets messy. Also, it requires a lot of work. And the assurance that they won’t be back is hard to be given. Moreover, DIY pest control needs regular maintenance. But, the pest control service providers are experienced. They know the tricks and it’d be a lot easier to hire someone.

  • Choose a service provider

Select the service provider according to your wants. However, keep in mind the points mentioned previously about choosing a service provider. Compare the prices, reviews etcetera.

  • Essential things

Cover the essential things like clothes, toys, makeup, and jewelry. Pack them up and keep them safe. Furniture and wooden things; empty them for termites may be present in them. Sofa covers, sheets, mattresses etcetera; keep them in storage.

  • Decoration items

Just like the other items, they might not be that big a fan of chemicals. It’s advised to keep them away. 

  • Food related issue

Store the food items away in a place where the chemicals won’t reach. It’s no secret that food and chemicals are not the best of friends. In case, any food item is left outside, throw them away unless you want to opt for food-related issues.

  • Stay away from the place 

Staying away from the place where pest control has just been done. The chemicals can be harmful to humans too. As a precautionary measure, wear full-sleeved clothes and a mask before going near the place. You might not know if there are any leaks.

  • Pets & Pest

Pets are sensitive to the chemicals used during Pest Control. They and their toys need extra care. Pack their mattress, toys, and accessories carefully. If possible, keep them away from the place for the duration of the pest control.

  • Keep your home clean

After pest control is done, listen to the advice of the technicians. Other than that, keep the surroundings clean. The pest loves dirty places. Hygiene every day keeps pests away.

Don’ts during a safe pest control in Kolkata

Dont do itAs we are talking about safe pest control in Kolkata, there are multiple things that one must always keep in mind.

You could be affected by rats at home or ants or cockroaches or mosquitoes or bed bugs or even termites.

As Kolkata is a densely populated city, it requires so many precautions and a lot of consideration.

• Don’t let any person near to the chemicals used

Pesticides contain a great number of harmful chemicals that can seriously cause health problems to all age groups in the locality or a house specifically.

Children have a higher risk of getting infected as they tend to touch everything in the home. So when the exterminator is doing their work, don’t stay near it.

• Don’t disobey the exterminator

If the exterminator tells you to do something then always listen to it.

Generally, after extermination, they request you not to enter the house for 2 to 3 hours(maximum 24 hours if needed) so maintain it properly.

• Don’t shy away from asking for help

We all know self-help is the best help. But sometimes we all need some help to get going easy on what we are doing.

If difficulties occur while using pesticides, then you should put your hands up and ask for help.

• Don’t use too much, it won’t help

You will think that using excess or extra amounts of chemicals to eradicate termites would do the trick then I am sorry to say that you are wrong!

Using pesticides more than its usual value would affect your family’s health. So make sure you use the value as directed on the label.

• Don’t use pesticide containers for household use

If you are thinking of using the empty containers in the kitchen or so then you are going to make a mammoth mistake.

Preserving food or any other consumables won’t help you as the chemicals present in the container will contaminate the food by reacting with it.

• Don’t store any pesticide at home for future use

If you believe in do-it-yourself pest control then you may buy the components and mix them to apply but after that what?

You might store the remaining part for future termite inspection but I will suggest not keeping it because it can harm your family members.

To be more specific, for bedbugs you shouldn’t use dark coverings on beds and mattresses as they can’t be seen properly on those surfaces easily and it will be difficult to apply bed bug spray over them.

Don’t get easy on mouse attacks; it is a common reason for food poisoning. Always give time if you are using rat traps as they take time to get accustomed to new things.

Also, don’t store pesticide at high temperatures; it will decrease the effects of it as the chemicals can get reacted upon direct sunlight at higher temperatures.

Temperature varying from 40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for storage. If possible, keep pesticides in a locked cabinet in a well-ventilated utility area.

Side effects of carelessness during pest control in Kolkata

Everything in the world has certain side effects. Exposure to the chemicals can have some side effects, which can immediately occur or can come out after prolonged exposure. The chemical not only affects us but also our favorite pets.

Side Effects on Animals

Our pets could run around or lie down in treated areas and by this, the chemicals could enter the body as they lick the body while grooming themselves. Let’s look at some of the side effects on our animal friends: 

  • decreased appetite
  • fever
  • vomiting
  • increased salivation
  • diarrhea
  • weakness,
  • Difficulty in breathing.

Your pet can also exhibit any other symptoms like a change in behavior or being restlessness. Proper treatment will rectify the situation.

But constant exposure of chemicals to them may lead to severe health problems or sometimes maybe to death. So be careful!

Side Effects on Humans

Humans possess the most involvement with the chemicals as they have to do the extermination. So it highly implies human exposure to the chemicals. There are immediate side effects as well as side effects after prolonged contact.

Immediate side effects

The most common side effects are

  • skin irritation (burning, itching, rash)
  • mouth irritation 
  • sore throat 
  • chest pain 
  • dizziness 
  • headache 
  • stomach cramps 
  • nausea 
  • vomiting 
  • diarrhea 
  • eye irritation/watering 
  • blurred vision

These side effects may vary with the amount of exposure.

Side effects after prolonged exposure:

Some of the side effects that may show up after prolonged exposure include a general feeling of being unwell, fatigue, constant weakness, and an inability to concentrate or to remember things.

Other than this, constant exposure to chemicals can lead to serious health complications such as multi-organ failure, respiratory disorders, brain damage, cancer, sterility and infertility, birth defects, etc.

The elderly are more likely to be hit hard if exposed to these harmful chemicals than younger people.

Another higher-risk group includes nursing and pregnant women.


Pest control in Kolkata depends on numerous factors and we have discussed it broadly. It refers to the regulation, eradication, or management of some species, known as pests.

Extermination is a controlled way for effective pest management. But also the excessive use of pesticides is ineffective and economically wasteful in the long run.

Many pesticides do accomplish the intended task of controlling pest populations but also there’s no doubt that these chemicals cause some health issues.

Traps can be used for monitoring and suppression of the pest population. For example take ants(white ants), to wipe them up use a solution of 50-50 vinegar and water, or straight vinegar. White vinegar kills ants and also repels them.

Direct suppression consists of biological, chemical, or mechanical tactics designed to reduce pest and disease populations and subsequent losses.

So we can get the snake killed as well as saving the stick as no problem will grow up by using pesticides. Though they bring health problems, by them we can live a hassle-free life also. While we are so determined to kill pests thinking we will live a beautiful life without these enemies, their losses will seriously affect the ecosystem.

At least pest control is done to keep us healthy and not to get sick. So follow the precautions and do the needful. Stay Safe!


  1. What are Pests?

– Pests are the arthropods or rodents that cause severe physiological, mental as well as economic damage.

  1. What problems are seen in chemical pest control?

– Beneficial insects may be martyred along with the bad ones. And, exposing the pests to these chemicals for a long time might lead them to become resistant.

  1. How can you avoid the side effects of chemical pest control?

– Less exposure to the chemicals can be a thing. Wear clothes protectively and clean your hands after using anything and before eating anything. Masks are always recommended.

  1. Is Pest Control Bad for the Environment?

– The chemicals used for pest control might be there in the environment for a few days, but they’ll go away eventually.

  1. Is pest control the only way out to curb pests in our vicinity?

– Though minute pest infestations may be removed by repellent or sprays, acute infestation requires expert attention and in that part, pest control is the only way out.

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