Pest control charges in Kolkata

Pest Control Charges in Kolkata

Are you afraid of pests around you? Is Pest Control becoming a daily problem in your life? Then it is time to take some strict actions against the little devils! Don’t worry here is the detailed discussion on pest control charges in Kolkata and nearby areas.

Be it home or workplace nobody prefers the parallel existence of pests, rodents in their vicinity. Pests not only bring about property damage, but they can also cause severe mental and physical stress.

About 45% of households in Kolkata are infested by pests and are searching for affordable and extensive pest control in Kolkata. As Pest Control is the best option to get rid of the pests.

But the problem is that they have no idea regarding the average pest control cost in Kolkata.

But not only the infested household members but also every other people should know the monthly, annual, or average pest control charges in Kolkata or in places where they live.

For example, one should know the average cockroach control price, or monthly termite control price which may be helpful in different ways.

Goodbye Pest ensures you provide the best Pest Control Services in Kolkata that too at an affordable price.

In short, we are going to discuss the Pest Control Prices in Kolkata and the quarterly, monthly, and annual pest control prices in Kolkata and nearby suburbs in this Blog.

Basic Ideas about Pest Control Costs in Kolkata

In this part, we are going to discuss the basic ideas that you need to grasp before opting for a pest control service and to know the average pest control service charge in Kolkata or places near you.

Pest control costs in Kolkata

Pests are not welcome in your home or society either. They destroy properties, health, and are a source of stress.

Spiders, Silverfish, Ants, Cockroaches, and Rats are some of the pests that are very notorious and require proper Pest Control Service or Pest Management Service.

The best way to curb these infestations is to call the Pest Control Exterminator and get rid of them from your house and life, at an affordable price. These exterminators quickly find out the infested areas and kill the pests for good.

Goodbye Pest curbs the pests by professional exterminators on a quarterly, monthly, or annual basis instead of affordable Pest Control costs.

Determining factors of the Pest Control Service Charges in Kolkata

You will see that various Pest Control Service providers have put up a different range of prices so that; you can avail of their services.

The rates of pest control service may vary from place to place or from company to company. Pest Control Charges are mainly determined based on the following points:

  • Type of Pest that infests your house.
  • Degree of Infestation in your House.
  • Kind of Treatment you are opting for.
  • Area of your house/workplace.
  • Number of services (Quarterly/Monthly/Annual)

Reason for Availing Low-Cost Pest Control Service

We have already discussed this issue in the former paragraphs. If you are annoyed by the presence of pests in your vicinity then you need to take care of that issue as soon as possible.

Taking proper action at the proper time can help you to keep your house safe from major pest infestations.

For example, termites can munch up your furniture, housefly and cockroach can invite health threats and silverfish and rodents can destroy an entire library of books in minutes.

Pest infestation also causes mental stress and can disrupt your normal lifestyle. To avoid that you should always contact the nearest Pest Control Exterminator and pay a normal Pest Control Charge to avail a suitable Pest Reduction Service.

The absolute Necessary Time to Call up the Pest Control Service with the Minimum Budget

low price Pest control in Kolkata

Once you see the Signs of Pest Infestations, you should call up the Pest Control, then, know their Pest Control Charges and call them to curb the infestation.

The quicker, the Better, as soon as you call them, the exterminator will come to your rescue and take necessary measures to curb the intruders in your home.

In Kolkata and the suburbs, many pest control companies provide nominal pest control services at very affordable pest control costs.

But the most important question in this context is how you will be able to understand that it’s time to call the pest control service.

Symptoms that Ensure the Calling up for Low-Cost Pest control in Kolkata

Though there are many signs that you need to look out for to curb the infestation, we are going to talk about the 4 most important points:

  • The moment you notice pest droppings, or wings (in case of termites)
  • The moment you find out the nest of these intruders
  • The moment you see numerous pests scuttling here and there.
  • The moment you see loosened soil in your garden or backyard ( for rats, ants, and termites infestation)

These 4 points are the alarming conditions to call up the Pest Control Service and get rid of the pests once and for all.

Principal Cost Affecting Factors of Pest Control Prices

The need for professional pest control service has increased many times in the past decade, owing to the increasing number of pests. So, for such a common issue of Pest Control service, one should be aware of the proper Pest Control Charges.

You will see that many people nowadays search on the web to know about proper pest control charges in their vicinity of living. This is because people are curious to know about pest control services and are intending to deal with the pests seriously.

Cost-Effective Pest Control at your Door Step

In Kolkata Pest Control is done very effectively and mostly at very affordable rates.

But, it should be noted that Pest Control Charges vary from place to place, company to company, and can also vary depending upon the degree of pest infestation your house or workplace is facing.

There are many ways to control pest infestation by opting for natural and homemade remedies, but pest control service is necessary to control the menacing devils.

In such a scenario, knowing the pest control Charges in Kolkata is necessary. It should be noted that many pest control services frighten their customers about the pest infestation and demand high Charges for the service.

But many companies in Kolkata put forth a very pocket-friendly pest control charge and provide us with the best pest control service.

Finding the Pest Control Charges in different parts of Kolkata

Before opting for Pest Control Service one should always have a sound knowledge about the pest control Charges and then decide to opt for suitable pest control treatment according to one’s capacity.

As discussed earlier pest control Charges vary depending upon the types of treatment, number of pests infesting your house, number of treatments you are opting for, degree of the infestation, and many other factors.

Also, it should be remembered that well-established large pest companies charge high Charges to avail their extensive and top-notch pest control service.

Generally, home inspection and infestation investigation by the pest control company does not charge any money. It is free of cost service to understand the degree of infestation at your place and let you know the charges of their service.

Estimated Cost of Pest Control Service in Kolkata

  1. The estimated cost for general pest control in Kolkata for the 1BHK area roughly ranges about

₹700 to ₹900, whereas in the 5BHK area the average pest control Charges may go up to about ₹2000 to ₹2500.

For example,

  • 1BHK General Pest Control Charge: Rs 699 to Rs 899
  • 2BHK General Pest Control Charge: Rs 899 to Rs 1199
  • 3BHK General Pest Control Charge: Rs 1199 to Rs 1499
  • 4BHK General Pest Control Charge: Rs 1499 to Rs 1999
  • 5BHK General Pest Control Charge: Rs 1999 to Rs 2499

It should be noted that these are the rough estimation of the Pest Control Charges and may vary from place to place in Kolkata and depending upon the types of pests, or degree of infestation.

But, overall the general pest control charge in Kolkata is quite affordable and pocket-friendly.

  1. Termite Control is generally costly than the general pest control service, owing tongue fact that Termites infestations generally occur in the most inaccessible areas of the house, and is very difficult to get rid of them.

In Kolkata, Termite Control service is provided at the rate of Rs 25/ sq ft and it decreases as the dimension of your house or workplace increases, the termite control cost per sq ft in 500 sq ft is just Rs 10.

So, from the above tally, in 100 sq. ft. area the termite control charge is nearly Rs 1499 to Rs 1999. But, this price increases in case of 500 sq ft which is about Rs 3499 to Rs 4999.

For example,

  • 100 sq. ft. – Flat Rs 2500 
  • 200 sq ft.- Rs 2500 to 3000 (Rs 15.00/sq ft)
  • 300 sq ft.- Rs 3000 to 3499 (Rs 12.50/ sq ft)
  • 500 sq ft.- Rs 3499 to 5000 (Rs 10)


So, the termite control cost per sq ft is also cheaper than other places in Kolkata.

However, these pest control Charges may increase if the area of infestation is huge or the infestation is at a serious stage.

Goodbye Pest provides you with pest control at reasonable rates as stated above. The Goodbye Pest Cost Chart is as follows: 


AREA RATE RATE per Sq. ft. Warranty
100 Rs. 2500 Rs. 25 6 years
200 Rs. 3000 Rs. 15 6 years
300 Rs. 3750 Rs. 12.50 6 years
400 Rs. 4600 Rs. 11.50 6 years
500 Rs. 5000 Rs. 10 6 years
Up to 3000 Rs. 9 6 years
Above Rs. 7 6 years


In short, these average termite control costs in Kolkata seem economic and suitable for all types of people’s availing it.

Termite Control and General Pest Control is mostly done in workplaces or shops (commercial pest control) although termites can also infest your home, there are other pests in your home premises that require extensive control (Residential Pest Control)

Residential Pest Control Charges in Kolkata

The cost of residential pest control generally differs from commercial control, as their requirements are different and so are the executing procedures.

Mostly the commercial pest control charges are higher than the residential pest control costs. In many cases, an integrated pest management process is applied for the longer effectiveness of the service.

If you are looking for a good pest control service in Kolkata, you are lucky because there are so many companies that provide you with proper pest control service, at an affordable cost of as low as Rs 699.

The most notable part is that you can get rid of cockroaches, wasps, rats, snakes and every other notorious pest in your house at such an affordable price.

If you are contacting a pest control service in Kolkata, they also provide you with a free-of-cost home inspection, where the exterminator comes to see the degree of infestation and makes u aware of the pest control costs that their company charges for the treatment.

But, we can assure you that Residential Pest Control cost, be it monthly or annual, is very much affordable in Kolkata and the places where you live near Kolkata.

It would be very beneficial for you to hire a professional pest control service provider, if your house is infested with pests, and deal with the issue before it’s too late.


Estimated Residential Pest Control Cost in Kolkata

In a city like Kolkata, Pest Control is a very common issue. So, before consulting the pest control Exterminator, you should be thoroughly aware of the average pest control cost in Kolkata and its neighboring areas.

The estimated cost of Cockroach Control in Kolkata

Cockroach Control comes under the basic pest controlling process. Although repellent and sprays are also effective, the average cost of cockroach control in Kolkata is very reasonable, about Rs 699 for the 1BHK area and Rs 1500 to 1600 for the 5BHK area of the house.

For example, 3BHK- Rs 1499

4BHK- Rs 1999

The cost Chart of Goodbye Pest is presented below: 


2 BHK Rs. 999.00 1 Rs. 3,199.00 4
3 BHK Rs. 1499.00 1 Rs. 5499.00 4
4 BHK Rs. 1,999.00 1 Rs. 64999.00 4


It’s quite affordable and profitable to call up any professional pest control Exterminator to eliminate cockroaches from your house.

However, it should be remembered that these costs are estimated, and may vary depending on the dimensions of your house or the company that you rely upon.

The estimated cost of Bed Bugs Control in Kolkata

Bed Bugs control is costlier than the cockroach control service, but the cost is towards the affordable end.

In Kolkata, the bed bug control cost starts at just Rs 1900 to 2900 for the 1BHK area, however, the cost may increase to Rs 4000 to Rs 4800 for 5BHK rooms. The rates of 2 BHK and 3BHK lie amidst the above rates.

For example, in Kolkata,

Cost of Bed Bug control in 3BHK area: Rs 3500 to Rs 4000 Cost of Bed Bug Control in 4BHK area: Rs 4500 to Rs 4800

These services are mainly provided on a monthly or quarterly basis. The above-enlisted price is the quarterly rate.

Goodbye Pest Cost Chart below will clarify your queries:


Area 3 Service Warranty
1 Room Rs. 2999 45 days
Rs. 3599 60 days
2 Room Rs. 3599 45 days
Rs. 4199 60 days
3 Room Rs. 4199 45 days
Rs. 4799 60 days
4 Room Rs. 4799 45 days
Rs. 7199 60 days

Thus, you can see in a very small amount you can get rid of bedbugs, if you hire professional pest control agents. The cost of Goodbye pest control is less in Kolkata rather than in other places.

Estimated Cost of Rat/Rodent Control in Kolkata

Rats and rodents are also needed to be controlled because they cause diseases. In Kolkata, rodent control is commonly done in storerooms, the kitchen, or every other household.

The cost of rodent control in Kolkata is quite reasonable, starting from Rs 399 for the 3BHK area, and can go up to Rs 1399 for 5BHK apartments.

Goodbye Pest provides you with the best rodent control, at the above-estimated costs.

The cost sheet presented below will help you to understand the Rodent control cost better.


Area Single AMC
3 BHK Rs. 799 SOS
4 BHK Rs. 899 SOS


It is evident, that hiring a professional pest control service like Goodbye Pest is beneficial for you and your family. They will provide you with proper service and their pest control costs are also very affordable.

The estimated cost of Ants Control service in Kolkata

Ants control services are also commonly opted in Kolkata and places near Kolkata. Ant Controls are also less costly than Cockroach control because the ants are tiny beings and infest the most common places like gardens or Walls.

In Kolkata, the ant control cost is affordable than in other places. The lowest monthly ant control cost in Kolkata is approximately Rs 749 to 799 in the case of 3BHK areas but may increase up to Rs 1400 for 5BHK places.

Goodbye Pest also provides you with any controlling service. Have a look at the Cost Chart Goodbye Pest to know more about their ant control services and costs. 


3 BHK Rs. 799.00 Rs. 2,499.00
4 BHK Rs. 999.00 Rs. 3,199.00

It is very easy to point out from above that like the pest control service in Kolkata, Goodbye Pest provides you with good service at a reasonable price. So, it is very beneficial to hire a professional pest control service like Goodbye Pest to deal with any type of ant infestation.

Estimated Lizard and Snake Control Costs in Kolkata

Snakes and Lizards are not at all welcome in our house or our vicinity. If you are terrified of lizards or snakes, you should always call up a pest control to deal with it.

These types of pest controls are rarely used, their rates are also very reasonable in Kolkata. The lowest monthly cost of Lizard control is Rs 700 to Rs 799, or it may reach up to Rs 1499, depending upon the type of treatment you are using.

The snake control cost ranges from about Rs 1999 to 2100.

Thus, you see, the prices of snakes and lizards control in Kolkata is very affordable. So, the professional pest control Exterminator is very beneficial to get rid of these troubles from your life.

Here is the cost Chart of Goodbye Pest in Kolkata, which provides you with snakes and lizards control.


3 BHK Rs. 1,999.00
4 BHK Rs. 1,999.00



3 BHK Rs. 999.00 Rs. 1,499.00


Please remember that these costs are only estimated costs, and may vary from company to company or depending upon the dimension of your house, degree of the infestation, etc.


From the above blog about Pest Control costs in Kolkata, you must have known about the pest control Charges in Kolkata and nearby places.

Nowadays, pest control is very necessary, and knowing the cost before availing of the service is very much helpful.

The affordable cost of quarterly, monthly, and annual pest control service certainly point to the fact that hiring professional pest control expert is beneficial in Kolkata and nearby places.

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