Factors of Pest Control

Factors of Pest Control which make Goodbye Pest different from others

Today we are going to discuss the Factors of Pest Control which make Goodbye Pest different from others. With this article one can consider which is the best pest control near me.

What is Pest Control?

Pests are defined as members of arthropods or mammals (rats) that cause economic, physiological, and social damage to mankind.

Now, who wants to be surrounded by destroyers? None does. So, here’s where pest control comes into being.

Pest Control is a group of scientific and proper methods which are applied to curb the uncontrolled pest population at a particular place (home, shop, school, or workplace) with hassle-free and side effects less process.

How to choose a good pest control company?

Now the question is which Pest Control company shall we choose? Now, for that, we need to look up many factors that make up a Good Pest Control Company.

  • Methods of Pest Control 
  • Side effects (if any)
  • Principle
  • Accessibility of the service
  • Social, cultural, and environmental works.

All these together build a good pest control company. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss one such company “Goodbye Pest” which provides top-notch customer services and is one of those companies that have set up a benchmark in Pest Control Service.

Methods of Pest Control

Curbing the pest population to an extensive degree is indeed a tough goal to achieve. But with Pest Control Service the work becomes a lot easier.

Whenever you contact pest control, the Exterminator comes to your help and destroys the pests for your good. 

The pest control service adopts different methods to eliminate the pests:

  • Inspection

The Exterminator comes to the place of infestation and inspects the area to find out the extent of the infestation. 

Goodbye Pest provides mandatory inspections before any kind of pest control treatment. Our Exterminator comes to your house and searches for the evident signs of infestation to provide you with the best service.

  • Fuming process

One of the most efficient pest control processes is using fumigants and either suffocating them or driving them out of the house.

But this process comes with a lot of side effects for asthma patients and newborns.

In this case, Goodbye Pest provides you with a safe and secure fuming process, ensuring your family stays safe during the process and does not suffer from any side effects even after the process is done.

  • Insecticides

Insecticides are very useful in the removal of pests, but excessive use of chemical insecticides may cause distressing effects on the environment. 

Goodbye Pest uses proper organic insecticides and has considerably reduced the use of chemical pesticides and thereby protects the environment and provides you with top-notch services.

So, it is very evident that Goodbye Pest provides you with the best process of Pest Control Service and sets its class apart in the field of pest control service. 

Side effects of pest control

While pest control saves us from cockroaches, mice, bedbugs, ants, and all, it has certain side effects. Exposure to the chemicals can have some side effects. 

Let’s discuss Factors of Pest Control that make Goodbye Pest different from others:

Side Effects on Animals

If you have a pet in your home, monitor properly. He/she could run around or lie down in treated areas and by this, the chemicals could enter their body as they lick the body while grooming themselves. 

  • Side effects that are so common are given below:
  • fever
  • decreased appetite
  • vomiting
  • increased salivation

Proper treatment may rectify the situation.

But constant exposure of chemicals to them may lead to severe health problems or sometimes maybe to death. So be careful!

•Side Effects on Humans

Humans possess the most involvement with the chemicals as they have to do the extermination. So humans possess higher risks. 

There are immediate side effects as well as side effects after prolonged contact.

  • Immediate side effects :

  • The most common side effects are 
  • Skin irritation (burning, itching, rash)
  • mouth irritation
  • sore throat
  • chest pain
  • dizziness
  • headache
  • stomach cramps

•Side effects after prolonged exposure:

Some of the side effects that may be visible after prolonged exposure include 

  • a general feeling of being unwell, 
  • fatigue, 
  • constant weakness,
  • Forget things.

Other than this, constant exposure to chemicals can lead to serious health complications such as multi-organ failure, respiratory disorders, brain damage, cancer, sterility and infertility, birth defects, etc.

These side effects are common. They occur if there is the least bit of slacking off involved while doing the work.

 But, Goodbye Pest has never faced such issues. No side effects are there whatsoever and that’s because the technicians do their work with utmost care and precautions.

What type of pests is dominant in Kolkata and the type of places they habitat?

In Kolkata, when you talk about pests, it generally indicates cockroaches, flies, ants, termites, rodents, etc. You have to control them otherwise they will control you. 

Particularly in Kolkata, there are lots of buildings and stuff as well as slum areas. These slum areas are the main breeding places for many of the pests like mosquitoes in stagnant water, flies from garbage, etc. 

• Ants

Now coming to house ants which is a common problem in every possible house in this city. Carpenter Ants are the “big black ants” who reside in moist and decaying wood. 

Though they do not eat wood, they do bore into the wood for a nesting location and leave piles of sawdust behind. It causes significant property damage. 

Another type of ant is Little Black Ants. They are very small and vary from dark brown to deep black. 

Typically these ants have about two or more queens per colony and build nests outside in lawns or small cracks around the home. Nearly every ant’s destination is sweet. 

That’s why protect food as they can carry bacteria like salmonella and can spread diseases like smallpox and dysentery. 

• Housefly

Talking of serious health problems, house flies can play a major role in it. They normally habitat in the garbage not cleaned for days. They carry pathogens that cause typhoid fever, E. coli, and cholera. 

The disease-causing agents can either be transmitted by the body hairs or by the saliva which is transmitted to food or surfaces when the fly lands. 

• Bees and Wasps

Bees and wasps don’t cause health problems but we can’t live with them either right. 

To avoid getting stung, find out where the bees or wasps have made their shelter.

• Bedbugs

Bedbugs are gonna kill you! I mean not entirely but slowly, very slowly. 

They feed blood to reproduce and survive. Their bites may cause skin rashes. Usually, they come from outside and hide on mattresses, holes if possible.

• Cockroaches

Cockroaches are generally our enemy. It can easily cause food poisoning. 

They normally habitat in areas where cleaning is not done routinely, warm and wet places like kitchen sinks, bathrooms, basements, etc. 

• Rodents

Rodents like mice, rats, squirrels are present in Kolkata. They invade our home by coming in from drains. They generally dig burrows, holes, underground tunnels and stay in that.

• Others

 Flying squirrel makes a nest in a hole or a branch of a tree.

Termites do live in trees that are near cracks and voids of home exteriors.

Methods of Pest Extermination

There are several methods to exterminate pests. We will talk about some of the pest control methods.

• Biological pest control

It is the most natural method used today. It effectively decreases the number of pests without giving any risks to the environment. This treatment works by adding substances to water sources. It includes bacteria that kill pests (e.g. mosquitoes). While the water is still safe for humans to drink. 

The motto of this treatment is simple: kill the harmful species by ensuring that the environment is not getting harmed.

• Mechanical pest control

This method includes the use of equipment as well as the power of devices to exterminate. A technique that is used mostly in creating a protective barrier between the insect and the plant. 

This has a close relationship to the physical pest control method which directly removes and by attacking the pests. 

Thus it prevents their further spreading and destruction of the plant. The key to protecting property from these species is just removing anything related to the spreading of the pests.

There are also chemical, cultural, hygienic, and many more.

Feel free to ask for help, contact us and we will decide which way we can serve you the best life without pests.

Goodbye Pest as a Good Pest Control Service

Any Pest Control Service can help you out with the increasing pest population in your vicinity. But in these cases, as we always say, anyone should opt for the best.

Goodbye Pest in this case is the best service you can opt for. 

A good pest control service involves proper customer management, trustworthy and top-notch services, and last but not least – goodwill.

  • Customer Management Skills

Goodbye Pest provides an excellent customer management experience. Call them up and they are always eager to help you out.

The people involved in the services are well trained and properly informed to execute their tasks well. 

  • Properly take care of health

In these pandemic times, Goodbye Pest takes care of personal and customer hygiene, their tools, and the exterminators are thoroughly sanitized and properly tested to ensure your safety.

  • Top-Notch Services

Coming to the service, any good pest control service should be able to eliminate the pests around your vicinity with utmost precision and scientific way, and thereby ensure that the pests do not find their way back.

Goodbye Pest not only eliminates the pests in a very extensive way but also seals all the ways of their return with repellents and makes your house or workplace completely pest-proof.

  • Goodwill and Trust

Nowadays, trustworthy service and customer experience are enough to set up proper goodwill in the marketing field. 

With their abled service and proper care towards every customer, Goodbye Pest has earned big, fat goodwill in its field, and has become a benchmark in the field of Pest Proofing Services. 

Services Provided by Goodbye Pest

Among other Pest Control Companies in Kolkata, the services of Goodbye Pest are much more diversified and pocket-friendly.

Nowadays, with the growing pest population and the discovery of different pest types, it is very important to stay updated with your service skills, which Goodbye Pest provides relentlessly.


Let’s now take a quick glimpse at their service platter:

  • Termites Services

In the hot and humid ambiance of Kolkata, the most dreaded infestation is that of the termites. They can destroy any wooden furniture, cabinets, or frame within days and pose large losses.

Goodbye Pest provided you with different packages of Termite Control Services to save you from the attack of these wood destroyers. 

  • Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are cosmopolitan and inhabit most of the places and cause food poisoning and other diseases as mentioned above. 

Goodbye Pest has cockroach control services for your home and workplace at reasonable rates.

  • Bedbugs Control

Bedbugs are the tiny blood-sucking parasites in your bed box or mattress that thrive on your blood and cause dermatological problems. 

Goodbye Pest provides you with the best Bedbug control service in Kolkata, and that too is a pocket-friendly expense. 

  • Rodents Control

Goodbye Pest also has Rat/Mouse control services for you, to save you and your family, from these ugly creatures, that destroys books, contaminates food items, and causes Plague.

  • Snake Control

Poisonous snakes are another source of agony for humans. To protect you from these animals, carbolic acid alone is not enough. 

So, Goodbye Pest provides you with the best snake control service in the town, in an economic way.

Among others, Goodbye Pest also has a Lizard Control service, Ant Control service, and all these at a very low cost.

So, from above it is evident that by diversifying their services, Goodbye Pest is heading towards new heights of success and that is what sets this company a class apart from the others.

Comparison of prices with others

Pest Control Charges

Let’s now discuss the prices you have to pay to exterminate. Goodbye Pests provides so many attractive offers concerning other services. 

  • Cockroach Control Cost

For cockroach control, we provide the best service at just Rs. 999.00 and Rs. 1,199.00 for 3 BHK and 4 BHK respectively.

 On average, other services in Kolkata takes a minimum of Rs. 1,099.00 and Rs. 1,399.00 respectively. GBP also provides Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC) at low costs like Rs. 3,199.00(3 BHK) and Rs. 3,999.00(4 BHK).

  • Lizard Control Cost

To control Lizards our services take Rs. 999.00 for 3 BHK properties. You can also get AMC at just Rs. 1,499.00. In comparison with other services, you will save up to Rs. 500.00. 

Our services charge Rs. 799.00(3 BHK) and Rs. 999.00(4 BHK) only whereas others charge Rs. 949.00 and Rs. 1,199.00 respectively on average. There is also AMC at Rs. 2,499.00 and Rs. 3,199.00.

  • Snake Control Cost

To control snakes we charge only Rs. 1,999.00 for both 3 BHK and 4 BHK areas. You will save a heavy amount by choosing us.

  • Termites Control Cost

To exterminate termites, we charge per square foot. 

  • For 100 sq. ft. we charge Rs. 1,999.00, 
  • For 200 sq. ft. just Rs. 2,499.00(Rs. 12.50 per sq. ft.), 
  • For 300 sq. ft. just Rs. 3,199.00(Rs. 10.66 per sq. ft.), 
  • For 350 sq. ft. just Rs. 3,499.00(Rs. 10.00 per sq. ft.), 
  • For 400 sq. ft. just Rs. 3,799.00(Rs. 9.50 per sq. ft.), 
  • For 500 sq. ft. just Rs. 3,999.00(Rs. 8.00 per sq. ft.)

If you opt for us you will save a lot of money but receive the best service.

  • Bedbugs Control Cost

For bed bugs, to attain 45 days warranty, we charge Rs. 2,999, Rs. 3,599, Rs. 4,199 and Rs. 4,799 respectively for 1, 2, 3, and 4 rooms by providing 3 services. 

To gain 60 days of warranty, we take Rs. 3,599, Rs. 4,199, Rs. 4,799 and Rs. 7,199 for 1,2,3 and 4 rooms respectively.

  • Rodent Control Cost

Rodent control costs Rs. 799.00 (3 BHK) and Rs. 899.00 (4 BHK) in place of Rs. 949 and Rs. 1,199.

How is the customer review of Goodbye Pest?

Selecting a service provider is one thing, it being the best decision is another. Choosing a service provider requires one to go through a lot of factors such as the insurance, the technician’s capability, the cost required etcetera.

But, trust is something that only comes when a person is confident. 

That’s where the previous customers’ reviews are useful. The previous customers’ review helps the new ones to gain a feeling of trust.

So, word of advice, look for customer reviews of any service providers and you’ll know if you are going to hire that service provider or not. 

The customer reviews of Goodbye Pests have consistently been good. No wonder, they are the best ones in town.

The reviews state that Goodbye Pest is user-friendly, the technicians are skilled. Also, the most important thing, there are no side effects. The precautions they take are perfect. So, the drawbacks of having Pest Control don’t stab the customers in the back.

Other than these, another important factor would be the cost. The cost of services provided by Goodbye Pest is less than any service provider out there. 

These reviews are kind of enough to make people provide Goodbye Pest with an opportunity to impress them with their services.

Some details about Goodbye Pest (Phone No., Location, website, how to contact etcetera)

After the choice has been made, the next step is contacting the service provider. There are websites available, phone numbers, call them and talk.

But, good customer service is an important thing too. It shouldn’t be like, you call them now and they reply after ages. And, in the meantime, the pests will devour your house.

So, better opt for a service provider that gets back to you as soon as possible. And Goodbye Pest is one such service provider.  They contact you as soon as possible.

And, as for how to contact them; here are the details:

  • Their website can be found by clicking on the following link:  https://goodbyepest.in/ 
  • And, once you visit the website, there, a box asking for details will be visible to you. Fill in the details, i.e. name, email id, services required, and get a free estimate of the amount you need to pay.
  • Their phone number is as follows:
  1. Toll-free number: 1800-891-1981
  2. Mobile/WhatsApp number: +91 9143614361
  3. Call: +91 9433662063
  • Or, one can mail them at either of the following email addresses:
  1. care@goodbyrpest.in 
  2. aknamos@gmail.com 
  • Or, in case one wants to visit their office physically, here’s the address:

DN 12, 8th floor, Sector 5 salt lake city, Bidhannagar, Kolkata – 700 091. West Bengal, India.

All these details are also available on the website.

Visit the page and explore it a bit if any confusion remains. Here’s the website link for you again: https://goodbyepest.in/ 


To conclude this, let’s have a visit back to the topics we went through.

  • In Kolkata, pests such as bedbugs, termites, rodents, ants, and etcetera are common. Their ideal habitat is the ark, dampened and isolated corners of our homes.
  • There are various ways by which pest control can be done. Example: Biological pest control, mechanical pest control and etcetera.
  • The best way to choose a good pest control service provider is to compare all of them and pick the one that suits you the best. A recommendable service provider is Goodbye Pest. https://goodbyepest.in/   
  • Pest Control comes with side effects. Well, that happens if one is not careful enough. But, that isn’t the case with Goodbye Pest. There have been no reports of side effects so far.
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