How to Control Insect Pests in a Building

Although insect pests are common in any home or premises, especially during the summer, control insect pests are not so hard as you think.

In addition to being unpleasant to look at, its spread can affect the health and well-being of all household members, from children to pets.

Most Common Causes of Insect Pests

The main factor that causes insect pests to appear is humidity.

Insects love damp, dark corners. It is more common in summer, since the insects look for more humid areas, so it will be easier for it to be than when you have to deal with possible pests.

Do not forget to clean the crumbs or any residue of food or dirt and remove moisture from all corners, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, since insects lodge more easily in these.

In addition to humidity, there are also other

Causes why you can have pests on your property:

  • Dirt and lack of proper cleaning.
  • Insufficient ventilation and not properly sealing entry points with screens or mosquito nets, facilitate the proliferation of biting insects and other types of household pests.
  • The accumulation of garbage.
  • Pets. Your pet can be a carrier of pests, especially if you do not routinely disinfect him and his vaccination is not up to date.

How to Kill Pests Cleanings Express

control insects

Goodbye Pest guarantees efficiency in the control and prevention of insects with the application of a wide range of products and techniques to control and eliminate insects and other arthropods that can harm humans, transmitting diseases, or serving as a vector of transmission; harming both animals and people.

We offer a service adapted to the type of pest and phase in which your home or premises is, advising each of our clients according to their needs and offering the necessary guarantees. Next, we will tell you how to get rid of pests at home and the best professional methods by Goodbye Pest.

How to Exterminate Cockroach and/or Ant pests

If the pest that affects the property is cockroaches or ants, the way to tackle the problem and achieve its extermination focuses on the use of two techniques: priming or application of gel or spraying. Here are some techniques to control insect pests.

Know more about the best practices of pest control: Organic Pest Control

Priming Technique for Pest Management

For this technique, chemical methods are used in the form of food gel, which does not require a security period of abandonment of the house by its inhabitants.

In addition, it is an odorless technique and it is not toxic to people or animals.

This method is combined with the placement of traps in strategic places of risk to catch those insects that could remain alive.

Spray for Controlling Household Insect

how to control pest

The spray technique can only be performed in the absence of people. All food, utensils and handling surfaces properly should cover during pest control treatment to kill insect pests..

It requires a security period of 12 hours during which the property must remain closed to prevent the entry of any person and/or animal.

As in the previous case, this method is also combined with the placement of traps in strategic places of risk to catch those insects that could remain alive.


How to Get Rid of Flying Insect Infestation in Your Home

Flying insects are called vectors. If the pest that affects the property is flying insects.

The way to eradicate the problem is through the spraying technique, either by means of aerosols or direct spraying.

In these cases, it is recommended to maintain a security period from its application of 12 hours.

In addition to these preventive measures. To prevent the pest from reproducing mosquito nets and/or plugs should also be placed in the drains (in the case of the water fly).

How to carry out the extermination of fleas, ticks, or bedbugs from your property

In the event that the pest that affects the home were fleas, ticks or bed bugs. The way to deal with the problem would be through the use of the spraying and fogging technique. With these techniques, you can control insect pests.

  • The first application with liquid chemical products will be made by spraying. The technique aimed at eliminating potential sources of bed bugs. Such as the headboard of the beds, the bed bases, baseboards, etc.
  • Subsequently, a nebulization using aerosols was carried out to all corners of the room to facilitate the access of insecticides.

After the application of each of the two previous treatments. We require that the house or premises remain empty for 12 hours afterward, that is, it will not be possible to access it until that security period is fulfilled.

At Goodbye Pest, treated as top pest control, work with the best cleaning professionals and we have everything we need to make this happen. We make sure that you can enjoy your home 100%. Do not have to worry about its cleaning and disinfection. Calculate your price online for free for the pest control service without obligation. Enjoy a clean and friendly environment!

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