Top Best Termite Control Service

Top Best Termite Control Services

As we all know, pests are insects or small organisms that cause harm to the living. But one might question that pests are also living creatures. That’s why should be considered for removal if they infest around us. Well, so is the COVID 19 virus. The existence of pests is fine till they harm us in any shape, way, or form. For example, a lion is a species that is protected. Therefore we need to get support from the top best termite control services to get rid of termites.

But, if a lion goes astray, enters a locality, and starts killing people, its removal is necessary. Just like that, pests are fine as long as they don’t cause us any harm.

But the very definition of pest states, any organism that ‘harms’ humankind in any way, shape, or form. So, the question of considering allowing them to co-exist leaves the list. 

Well, speaking of the ‘harms’, pests mostly can harm us in either of the two ways

  1. Healthwise 
  2. Materialistic way 

For one, there are various kinds of pests that cause various types of diseases. By diseases, it refers to a huge range of physical ailments. 

Ranging from irritation to skin diseases, not to mention diseases like salmonellosis, La Crosse Encephalitis, Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome dysentery, leptospirosis, etcetera, and amidst the materialistic damages, one can enlist things like termites eating up wood furniture.

Eating up the crops when they infest in the agricultural fields. Also, when they infest the livestock, the livestock is going to be vulnerable. These are open to diseases, which will again cause health issues to those animals.

Termites, when they eat up the wooden floors, carvings, windows, doors. Any wooden structures, leave behind some brownish fecal material which can damage the laminated surfaces leaving them weak, and insufficient techniques have always existed.

Measures like being fully clothed, using anti-pest sprays. Checking their potential breeding grounds regularly and removing them, keeping the surroundings clean, closing doors and windows, etcetera. But one cannot always avail of these preventive measures due to lack of time or insufficient care.

But, whatever the reason may be, the prevention of pests and termites is important. And if one is looking for an easy yet effective solution, one should approach the procedure of Pest Control. 

Importance of the Best Termite Pest Control Services

Pest Control, just like its name suggests, refers to controlling any type of pest infestations. Pest Control can be done by various processes, such as physical pest control, biological pest control, cultural control, trap cropping etcetera.

Control of pests is the most suggested precautionary method for this will ensure that all pests are killed and after having a pest control done, one doesn’t need to worry about anything and when one is considering pest control, Goodbye Pest would be the best option can opt for.

Their services are effective, not to mention a really friendly and easy approach towards their customers. And it is pocket-friendly too. Well, these should be enough reasons to opt for Good Bye Pest for if you are paying for something, pay for the best that there is.

What are Termites and Types of Termites? 

According to recent phylogenetic studies, termites are a sister group of wood-eaten cockroaches. They are classified at the taxonomic rank of infra order Isoptera and this process took place during the Jurassic period.

Termites are the kind of most successful insect on earth. Termites are found on every continent except Antarctica because of unmoisturized weather.

But termites can be the diet of some human cultures and we can make medicines from them. In the Jurassic era, people used to have this like traditional medicine.

Termites are usually small in size and measure between 4mm to 15mm in length. They make colonies and they live with thousands of termites together. Their colony has worker termites, soldier termites, king termites, and one queen termites.

Scientific research says that an average termite colony can consume up to 16 grams per day or 12.9 pounds in a year.

Their life cycle begins with an egg, after that they develop their incomplete metamorphosis process through making nymphs and then initial stages of growth. 

Then they make molts and start to grow, after becoming adult termites, they start with consuming dead plants, wooden structures and then they make colonies with other termites.

There are mainly 4 types of termites as Subterranean, Formosan, Drywood, and Dampwood. From the below, we’ve discussed more information about different types of termites. 

  • Subterranean Termites:

These types of termites live in moist scheduled areas, mud tubes and mainly above the ground in the open air, from there they gain access to different sources. These termites eat soft filaments of springwood, honeycombs, fecal particles, and dirt.

It’s very hard to determine their existence, as they are the most destructive wood insects. They can be the cause of major property damage such as wall and foundation damages, carpet damages, etc.

  • Formosan Termites:

These types of termites create mud nests in the walls and live in wooden furniture. They consume the soft cellulose parts of the woods and leave the tougher parts. Formosan Termites mainly eat cellulose-based materials such as cardboard, papers, softwoods, etc. As Formosan termites are bigger. They can rapidly destroy wooden furniture faster than any other termite species.

  • Drywood Termites:

Drywood Termites can live in structural timber, hollow wood and develop their colonies in wooden furniture. They find their food source from wood and moisturized places and also stay in broken pipes, voids, water heaters, etc.

Drywood termites are responsible for the significant loss to houses. They can destroy our houses from inside and very slowly they finish their destruction processes.

  • Dampwood Termites:

These types of termites are bigger than any other type of termites. Damp wood termites are creating mud tubes because they need to stay damp.

They live in wooden structures which are very moisture content but they can survive without the presence of soil.

Similar to the other three types of termites they can destroy houses and apartments from inside and can make wooden structures very weak.

Signs of Termite Infestations: 

Termites- unlike their size can cause large-scale property damage in any household or workplace, schools, and markets. 

In a subtropical country like ours, termites can grow lavishly and turn any place into their active breeding grounds as the climate is always in their favor and so is the person’s indifference who comes across few termites in his house or office and ignores their presence. 


In another blog post on our website, we have mentioned the 14 critical signs of termite infestations. But, apart from those termites can find their way in your house unnoticed but once they are devastation starts, it becomes a menace.

Dry wood termites are far more dangerous than subterranean termites. They devour your wooden furniture from the inside and make them fragile. The subterranean termites are soil borers and lives inside the soil.

But what matters is that in both forms the sufferings of the infested house and housemates are untold. In a survey, it is found that termites almost pose a large amount of damage yearly and most insurance plans take no action as their policies do not cover insect posed damages. 


Termites often swarm out in large numbers from their colonies, by which the infestation can be detected. But most termites swarming is a very short run event in the morning or afternoon, when most people are not in the home. 


Major Symptoms of Termites Include

• Dry wood Termites

These termites devour wooden walls, paints, floors and make the infested area appear as a water-damaged area. Their infestation is of disguised type and is very difficult to figure out like most people do distemper to prevent the so-called water damped areas but in some days the problems recur because the root of the problem is termites. These termites during swarming shed their wings in heaps and these wings help to detect whether there is an infestation or not.

These termites (Isoptera sp.)are common in subtropical countries including India.

• Subterranean Termites

They are more commonly found all over India. They are underground dwelling termites and seldom come out for food. No swarming or wing shedding is found and the infestation of these termites is hard to detect. They mainly enter the house through cracks in the floor or weakened foundation cracks.

Termites always feed on cellulose-rich sources and so, they attack the wooden entities and devour them up for the remnants of cellulose in the dried-up wood, they also take up nutrients from dead plants and ruminating animals.

Although incapable of disease transmission. Termites are a pain in the brain because they convert your favorite furniture into their food and turns your Home into a graveyard of buckled chairs and creaking beds in no time.


Termites infestation once started cannot be stopped easily because the source of infestation is very difficult to detect. In such a scenario it is better advised to consult the nearest Pest Control Service. Let the experts handle their job so that at the end of the day. You can have a peaceful sleep in your favorite mahogany bed in your Home Sweet Home.

Top Best Termite Control

Dealing with Termites with Top Pest Control

Dealing with the termites, once it has started a full-fledged infestation process is one heck of a job. Termites live in the deepest corners of the house or of the furniture.

They can survive underground making cylindrical tunnels and building up a colony.

So, it is very evident that no self-made efforts are suitable enough to deal with these little devils, we need scientific measures to prevent termite infestation. 


Termite Control Inspection & Pest Audit

One of the basic and primary steps to prevent termite infestation is proper inspection for termites. The pest control technician visits your house and looks at every nook and corner of it. Like an attic, garage, pipelines, for the tell-tale signs of a termite infestation.

They are trained to inspect the less accessible areas of your house where the termites have been living freely.

The entire process is very easy and takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour, however, timing may be altered depending on the size of your house. The main symptoms the technician hunt for are:

  1. Mud Tubes (A basic sign of subterranean termites infestation)
  2. Buckled floor, creaking Furniture
  3. Peeled-off paints.
  4. Termites wings and Termites Droppings (Frass)
  5. Live termites.


• Pre Construction Measures:

These measures are taken essentially before the construction of any house or building to prevent termite infestation shortly. 

This process involves mainly 3 steps:

  1. Inspection 
  2. Site Preparation 
  3. Rightful application 


In this process, the raw materials for the construction like wood, plywood, and door frames are dried properly to get rid of. In any remaining cellulose in them, and then they are sprayed with insecticide.

The soil adjacent to the foundation of the house is also inspected and sprayed with insecticide to get rid of any termites. 

The only problem with this preventive measure is that it is only effective for the subterranean termites living underneath the soil, but not effective for the dry wood or furniture termites. 

• Post Construction Measures:

These measures are much more targeted in nature and are mainly used after the primary construction of the building or house is done. This treatment procedure is a bit time-consuming but has long-lasting and evident effects along with a success rate.

In this process, the treatment involves painting the walls with insect repellent distemper, washing the walls with turpentine oil before painting. These methods are done before the building is fully completed.

But if there is termite infestation after full completion of the building, then in that case holes are drilled. In the floor corners and they are filled with termite repellant emulsion and then sealed back. This process can be repeated after 5 to 7 years again to confirm the nonexistence of termite infestation. 


Thus the bottom of the line speaks for itself that termite control is not a child’s play. It requires experienced hands to deal with it. So, whenever you see the devils fluttering around. Call up the pest control and bid them adieu from your life. 


Role of Goodbye Pest being Top Best Termite Control

As it seems that termite control is a very difficult job to do but Goodbye Pest brings to you the Top Best Termite Controls in the city. 

Basanti Jana, one of the clients writes 

“I got termite control treatment service from Goodbye Pest. I am satisfied with the service. Low cost best quality. Guaranteed result. Truly trusted pest control service.”

The entire service provided by Goodbye Pest is scientific and technical and it involves our finest technicians and their experiences on pest controlling that make sure you see the termites last time before you call us up. 


The termite control service provided by Goodbye Pest is very targeted and involves 3 steps:

• Inspection Service:

Goodbye Pest offers the best inspection service to inspect the faintest symptoms of any termite infestation. The technicians move up to the most inaccessible crevices of your house and perform the proper inspection and take on different inklings of upcoming or ongoing infestation in your house. They try to find termite droppings, wood dust or mud tubes, and live termites. The inspection is of top graded quality and paves the way for all possible termites treatment.

After a proper inspection, the technician provides you with a quote for proper termite control in your house which is very helpful and easy for the customers.

• Pre Construction Measures:

Goodbye Pest involves effective and proper measures before the foundation is set for your dream home. The skilled technicians try to provide you the best service to repel the termites from the underground.

The pest control Experts treat the soil with insecticides adjacent to the foundation. So, that the termites are repelled from biting off the soil and finding a way to your home. They go through the proper scientific cascade of steps involving 

  1. Inspection: where the experts inspect and test the soils to find traces of termite infestations underground.
  2. Site Preparation: After inspection, they try to find out the site of infestation and prepares it for termite control. The preparation involves the elimination of rock particles from the top layer, mowing away long grass beds and undergrowths which helps in the effective elimination of termites under the soil.
  3. Rightful Application: The site after being prepared is then applied with proper insecticides and insect repellents solutions which will potentially destroy all the termites living underground.


• Post Construction Measures:

After the primary construction if there is any kind of termite infestation, then Goodbye Pest is always there to help you out.

The scientifically experienced experts provide you with proper termite repelling emulsions which are dangerous for the termites but not for your health.

They drill pores on the floor corners and fill them with the emulsion and seals them back. The entire process takes only a few hours and is very cost-effective as these emulsions after application prove deadly for the termites and continues doing their work even years after applying it. 


So, it’s very evident that only an experienced pest controller can come in handy when you need to deal with the menacing termites and make sure that they neither find their way back in your home nor in your life.



Having read all the information, one might get to know things that they probably didn’t know. Like, who would have imagined that the evolution of termites has its roots instilled in the Jurassic era?

However, they were a medicine there in that era. Unlike now, that their existence alone is a reason enough to be aware of diseases. Termites and pests are the types that despite their size, they can cause damage that is large scale.

Like said before, prevention has always been and will always be the best option given that the pests had not already caused damage that is going to need a cure and among all the available options that are enlisted in the column of preventive measures against pests, the best way out seems to be the option named, “Pest Control”.

One might wonder what pest control is and why it is the best way out. To answer that query, Pest Control is nothing but controlling the pest infestation by keeping them in check using professional techniques.

Well, one will find a varied range opted with various choices which include physical pest control, biological pest control, trap cropping, poisoned baiting, and etcetera and as for the answer to why pest control seems to be the best option, well, that would be the fact that other preventive techniques such as proper clothing, anti-pest sprays, regular cleaning, checking the breeding spots, and whatnot, do work but these procedures demand a lot of work from our side.

For example, on hot summer days, being fully clothed is a challenge; keeping an eye on the breeding ground seems easy but if one misses a single spot, it might lead to infestation; anti-pest sprays are fine too but too much exposure to chemicals isn’t recommended.

Also, there are a lot of these available in the market, and many of them don’t work, hence, investing without being sure can be considered fiscally irresponsible. Moreover, it’s all too much responsibility. So, the option we are left with is ‘Pest Control’.

When one invests in something, health, stocks, maybe essential needs, one always hopes for the best in return. Similar will be the case when one will opt for Pest Control. A person, who will invest in pest control, will want to assure results. And here’s where Goodbye Pest steps in. 

Final Story of Top Best Termite Control Service

Goodbye Pest has got the top best termite control and pest control services in town. Let it be the results from the services, may it be the customer review about their behavior. Being respectful to the customer tops the priority list of Good-Bye Pests after being the best in their field. 

Apart from these, they are really fiscally friendly, will understand your needs, and act accordingly to provide you with a place free of pests. And the best part about their services that the people inhabiting the place after the pest control is done, show no side effects.

Also, when one is getting something done, one should always opt for the best that there is. So, when looking for pest control, you know where you should be. Just a knock from you and Good Bye Pest services will be at your door.

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