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Necessity of the Best Cockroach Control Service

The name “cockroach” comes from the Spanish word “Cucaracha”, which is transformed by flok etymology into “cock” and “roach”. Then the scientific name of cockroaches derived as “Blattodea”. The cockroach is a kind of insect that includes both characteristics of termites and bugs. Hence, cockroach control service is highly important for households.

Cockroaches are occupying a wide range for their distribution and habitats as they can be seen all over the world and especially in tropics and subtropic regions. Cockroaches mainly live in leaf litter, among the stems of matted vegetation.

They don’t have an easy relationship with human beings because of their extreme level of nuisance and virus spreading capability. Mainly for asthma patients, they are very dangerous. But the recent infestation has increased.

This has happened due to the suitable climate change. In Kolkata, the prevention of cockroaches can be done by professionals. Goodbye Pests have individuals who can take care of the same.

Importance of Cockroach Control Service

During the lockdown period, most of the time children and family members are staying inside the home. If cockroaches are increasing their nuisance, that can cause asthma and various types of skin diseases in cases of diarrhea and dysentery. If we are here talking about the controlling and traping of cockroaches, the best and cost-effective way is to be vigilant about their infestation. As a result cockroach control near me is highly recommended.

Infestation of cockroaches is not visible through normal eyes and experts can only do the same. For cockroach problems, their professionals in Kolkata look after Pest Control Management.

Naturally, we can destroy cockroaches without using any organic or inorganic powders as some of the parasites and predators are called Parasitoidal wasps, Ampulex wasps, Evania appendigaster are effective for biological control (feeding cockroach’s larva) of cockroaches. If you try basic home remedies and you are not able to get get rid of cockroaches.

The last hope we are here with Goodbye Pest, which can destroy the pest beings. Goodbye pest makes their products in the latest methodology which are less harmful, non-toxic, and very effective.

Favorable Conditions of Cockroaches

If you want to control cockroaches you should know the habit and habitat of cockroaches. With the changing of the weather, cockroaches are exaggerating their nuisance.

So here goodbye pest is allowing us to get rid of it staying all-time available all over Kolkata. Goodbye pests like to work scientifically as firstly they identify the root problem of increasing cockroaches and find the rate of their spreading diseases.

Accordingly, they start to treat pests, the pest company has different types of products which we can use anytime and anywhere. Goodbye Pests are making their products easy to use and handy. They are using a spray cap instead of old packaging and pocket spray so that customers get their desired result.

Recently hotels, restaurants, office workers are using these types of products to prevent cockroach infestation. Several clients are satisfied with products because of the best quality of hygienic products in return for low costs.

Types and Infestation of Cockroaches

Cockroaches have a very long and old connection with the human race. Cockroaches’ existence ranges from the primitive Cretaceous era (Carboniferous period) to the present moment. They are the most primitive Neopteran insects.

They are cosmopolitan in nature and spread their colonies at a tremendous rate when provided with favorable climatic conditions and ample food. Cockroaches are brownish-red in color with a chitinous exoskeleton, two long antennas, 3 pairs of sturdy and scuttling legs, and 2 pairs of wings. The fossilized remains also suggest that the ancestral cockroaches had long and externally located ovipositors. 

Life Cycle of Cockroaches

The life cycle of a cockroach is a simple and short one that helps it to multiply at a high rate. They lay 16 to 50 eggs at a time. After a short time developed into nymphs and then into adult cockroaches and the entire cycle takes merely a week to achieve completion. This can cause havoc in your place.

So, you can easily understand the single cockroach scurrying into the basin outlet can come back after a week with a full-fledged family of 50 to 60 members. They will infest your house and infect your loved ones with ease.

Presently there are 4600 species of cockroaches are identified of which 30 are living near human civilization and the entire 4600 species belong to about 460 genera. The most common types of household cockroaches include:

American Cockroach:

(Periplaneta americana) They are among the largest members and the most common infesting entity in most Indian Households.

Unlike their name, they are native to Africa and the middle east and are believed to be introduced in the US in the 17th Century.

It came to India through ships while some of these devils were hidden in the ship’s kitchen. They are brown in color and look exactly like the cockroach we see around us.

Oriental Cockroach:

(Blatta orientalis) Also known as black beetle or watering as they prefer to inhabit in moist places like drains, sewers, and damp and marshy grasslands.

They are smaller than the American cockroaches and are a major household pest in Southern and middle eastern parts of the US.

They are potentially harmful disease spreaders and more dangerous than the American ones.

German Cockroach:

(Blatella germanica) They are cold-sensitive and smaller among the above two members of their brotherhood. Found in restaurants, Hospitals, food processing industries.

These cockroaches are believed to be native to the Ethiopian Highlands of North-East Africa, though some experts believe their homeland to be South East Asia. They are potent colony makers and can be found in the most unexpected places.

Leaving aside the family tree of cockroaches, all species are deadly and cause bacterial diseases and food poisoning. So, it’s best to call up the expert to deal with these scuttling devils and save your home, office, and workplace from them. It is very important to understand their types and impacts. Only professionals in pest control can do that. In Kolkata Goodbye Pest and its team are doing this job and keeping the homes of Kolkata safe and secure.

Signs of Cockroach Infestation

Cockroach, before going on about what the signs of its infestation can be? it’s what you are thinking. It’s the same cockroach that most of us have at our homes. Yes, it’s that cockroach that has a flat body from both the surfaces on both upper and lower parts, assisted with a filiform antenna and ventrally projecting mouthparts.

It has adapted over the years to chew. Cockroaches are generally within reddish brown to dark brown in color. Cockroach belongs to the Arthropoda Phylum in the Animalia Kingdom. And as for the class, it’s Insecta and the order is Blattodea. To be precise, cockroaches are insects that can also be considered as pests for their existence mostly means harm to humankind.

Cockroaches are pests that prefer dark places as compared to bright ones. So, in general, they’d live in the dark. Hence, if one witnesses this creature with a filiform antenna during the day, it can be considered as a sign of cockroach infestation. Places like the back portion of the refrigerators, sinks, stoves, i.e. places that are dark and moist are the perfect places to play host to the cockroaches to hide and breed.

So, if one suspects cockroach infestation, raiding these places might be fruitful. While, it’s the dark and moist places that one is checking for cockroach infestations, the thought of checking the under floor drains, insides of major appliances should cross their minds for these places also fulfill the criteria of being the cockroaches’ perfect breeding ground.

There are various signs which can lead to suspicion of cockroach infestation. Spotting an ootheca is a strong sign of infestation by cockroaches. The ootheca is capsules containing cockroach eggs. Their size varies from 6 to 8 mm and contains approximately 50 eggs. An unpleasant odor can be witnessed when a place is infested by cockroaches.

The smell is of their droppings; the bigger the infestation, the worse the smell. Also, if one finds cockroach droppings, it indicates an infestation.

Cockroaches shed skin 5-8 times when they go through various stages till they reach adulthood and an infestation would imply the presence of cockroaches of all ages and stages.

Hence, the skin that had been shed is having a chance of playing the role of evidence in the process of spotting infestation.

If one has witnessed any of these signs, it’s time that they have a thorough search for cockroach infestation. And in case one finds a cockroach infestation, one should immediately call for a Pest Control specialized in cockroaches; pest control seems to be the best way to get rid of the infestation.

Any carelessness in handling cockroach infestation can lead to severe consequences for people who inhabit the place because cockroaches have an undeniable reputation for being the cause of several diseases.

Ear infections, skin rashes, food poisoning, wheezing, nasal congestion etcetera won’t be surprised if they occur.

So, the best way to avoid all these complications would be simple Pest Control, which will ensure the health and safety of the people who are regular there. The signs can be very serious and are needed to be checked.


Problems Posed by Cockroach

Cockroaches are small yet, dangerous creatures. Even though they are relatively small in size. These hideous creatures can harm us in different ways. Especially causing harm to the people living in the area where they infest.

The consequences of cockroach infestation are more or less known to people. Almost everyone everywhere has experienced it. And the kids are taught that cockroaches are harmful as the goal is to make it evident since childhood that cockroaches do us no good, instead of doing us bad is a point to be considered.

Some serious infections are caused by cockroaches; for one, caused by 

  • Salmonella bacteria, salmonellosis is a disease that causes gastroenteritis problems. 
  • typhoid fever: It stays long and causes damage to the body and in cases becomes very serious. 
  • Dysentery: They are largely responsible as they contaminate foods.
  • Severe diarrhea: As these spreads through food. This also becomes one of the cases. 
  • Urinary tract infection: When a person comes in contact with objects that are contaminated by coming in contact with a cockroach, it can cause urinary tract infection and meningitis too. This is known as enterococcus. 

Apart from these, very serious and infamous diseases can be caused due to presence of cockroaches. Cockroaches carry a bacteria named, ‘poliomyelitis’ which can cause polio. Also, food poisoning is a health problem caused by cockroaches.

Food poisoning is known to most people as it is also used in advertisements to show the consequences of cockroach infestation. If one has been infected by the cockroach, the person will show symptoms like nausea, wheezing, fever, chesty cough, muscle, and joint pain, and shortness of breath. Although, these symptoms can also be due to different reasons. Amidst those reasons, cockroach infestation remains to be one of the options.

Other than problems related to food, cough, and gastroenteritis, there can be other side effects like skin problems, etcetera. Skin rashes are common when one comes in contact with cockroaches.

Repetitive ear infections, constant sinus infections, asthma, chronic stuffy nose are also symptoms of cockroach-related infections. The diseases are transmissible and the damages are heavy. The home remedies cannit prevent infestation. Thus for long-term benefits, you would need proper pest control services

Diseases Spread by Cockroaches

Cockroaches can contaminate your food and make you sick. Once they infest, they will crawl all over the house, especially in the kitchen searching for food, and will end up contaminating ours. Also, it’s unsightly to have cockroaches roam around the house now and then. 

Cockroaches are suspected to be carriers of bacteria and organisms that are known to spread diseases like giardia, cholera, listeriosis, leprosy, and etcetera. Diseases like cholera, dysentery, diarrhea are known to have caused epidemics in the past.

However, the cures to these diseases have been discovered, it cannot be surely said that cockroaches won’t be responsible for causing such epidemics again. Although cockroaches don’t bite, they cause a lot of other damages.

So, if you find any infestation at all of the cockroaches, reach out to pest control services and get pest control done. Negligence can lead to severe consequences. Even if the disease can be a cure, but the person being affected has to suffer.

Better to prevent such suffering than to cure it. They are organisms that have several legs and they carry these diseases from the same. They move from dustbins to houses and several places. As a result, they bring and spread diseases.

Role of Goodbye Pest in Cockroach Control Service

Cockroaches, we all know about these pests, enter the inside of our premises through holes, cracks, broken doors. There are many other convenient ways. In this lockdown era we are mostly staying inside of our home, and with us there living our children, aged persons, and maybe some patients who are suffering from asthma.

These types of people, cockroaches might be very dangerous. For solving those problems, we certainly use various types of powders, sprays, pesticides without knowing their side effects. We should not do this without taking professional suggestions, so that is where we are.

Goodbye pest offers safe and effective cockroach pest control services all over Kolkata for both residential and commercial purposes at the most affordable prices.

In Goodbye pest company we have professional trainers and prominent workers, who help to remove cockroach infestation from our apartment without harming children, aged persons, and patients.

Their products are completely herbal and it is processed in organic ways. So that these products do not harm any other animals like pets, useful pests, etc. So as follows we are going to discuss the ways, Goodbye pest is serving.


Advanced cockroach control:

In this process, we are giving gels, sprays, cleaning drainage problems, sealing cracks, mint biodegradable bags in addition to professional workers, who will help you to get rid of them.

Here Goodbye pest applying scientific way out like we are using herbal and organic products which are completely safe and harmless for asthma patients, apparently we are using the electric net only when cockroach infestation is very high.

Here also we are giving a guarantee that your house will remain free from roaches for at least 2 to 3 years, and you can always consult us, if any of our customers face any problem, so that, then and there we can take necessary steps. 


Standard cockroach control:

In this process, we are providing gels and sprays in addition to professional workers, as we mentioned before Goodbye pest working through scientific processes, so there is the same thing, we are serving. The services are always on top and the feedback on social media and google are the face of it.

Consultation for Cockroach Control Service

Goodbye pest also here offering a consultation session, in this session, we discuss how to control different types of pests, along with that what are the initial steps we can take, and how our company co-operates with you to get rid of cockroaches.

We appointed here well-qualified trainers, who can give you the best suggestions for these problems, even they will be all-time available for you for cockroach control service. 

Despite all of these things, Goodbye pest is always there for you to get rid of dangerous pests with the collective methods, scientific approach, and comprehensive process of pest control.

So that is why Goodbye pest is India’s leading Digital & Responsible Home Hygiene & Pest Control Brand. Be aware of these pests that can be very risky, if you want to destroy cockroach infestation, don’t hesitate, just have a look at our website, and you will get all the details you need.


Going through the above piece of text, one can gather a lot of knowledge about cockroaches, which they didn’t know previously, like a handful of people only knows that the cockroach existed in the cretaceous area, even few of them knew that the cockroach and the notorious termites about whom we talked in the last blog post belong from the same family.

Now, keeping aside the secret of the existence of cockroaches. What we are willing to emphasize is that though roaches are afraid of human beings they can potentially destroy their health. Unlike their tiny-tot dimension, they can cause the most disastrous problems one can ever think of.

Now comes the question, if we are going to relentlessly destroy cockroaches won’t there be any effect on the ecological balance?

The answer to this query lies in the very question, in the nearest past, due to the pollution, greenhouse effect, global warming the population of cockroaches and other pests have increased so much that they have already disrupted the ecological balance, now cutting off their population is the only way for the greater good.

Now in such a condition, one might counter-argue that what is the requirement of pest control, spraying cockroach killing spray in the nooks and crevices of a kitchen is enough, but in this context.

It should be remembered that the kitchen has the closest association with food, and spraying chemical insecticides is not at all recommended.

Because the insecticide droplets may come in contact with the food and cause serious health issues other than killing the cockroaches. 

The home remedies are all fine. But they can never be a permanent one. If you have to look for an alternative, it should be a final one. It saves cost as well as time. In such a case, proper pest control is required to be enacted cautiously.

So, in such a scenario Goodbye Pest comes as a blessing. Trained individuals deal with the pests, finish them off, and keeps your home and loved ones safe from the home. This pocket-friendly service is absolutely targeted and scientifically designed to deal with pests once and for all.

All the aspects of this pest control service are optimistic and free from all kinds of risk.

So, to get rid of the pests in your life, you are just one phone call away from the best people serving with the best service at your doorstep.

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