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Tips to Prevent Termite infestation from your Home

Are you regularly noticing heaps of wood dust beneath your door, bookshelves or sofa? It is a sign that termites have infested your home. They must be removed from the premises to save your possessions from getting harmed. We should prevent termite infestation before it’s too late.


If left unhindered, termites would spread throughout your home. If you are wondering how to conquer this issue, read the article for a few tips on that. When you follow these tips, you will be able to prevent termites from spreading. But before that, get acquainted with the termite warning signs you need to watch out for. 

Termite warning signs

Generally, the warning signs for termites remain hidden. However, here are a few indicators of the same. These pests may be difficult to see, yet they might quietly ravage the wooden construction of your home. You must hire a professional pest treatment company in Kolkata to inspect your home for termite infestation indications.

Mud Tubes 

Termites construct mud tubes or tunnels to travel between the main colony and the food supply. If you see such tunnels inside the wood or in the ground, you can be sure your home is plagued with termites. Call for assistance right away and get rid of them as quickly as possible. Hiring professional termite control services will be able to help you in such cases.


After finding a mate, swarms of termites shed their wings. This could be a telltale sign that they are living in your home without your consent. They let go of their wings as they approached the aperture. If you notice their wings on the porch or in the windows, call a pest control company in Kolkata right away to eliminate these pests.


Frass means termite droppings. They have a brown tint and are very little. Because the termites eat wood all the time, they may resemble sawdust or wood particles. If you see these droppings in your home, you have a pest infestation. One of the most obvious indicators of termite infestation is Frass or termite droppings.

Damage to the structure

You will see damaged wood structures surrounding your property as the infestation progresses. If you contact a professional pest treatment company in Kolkata, they will evaluate your home and determine whether the problem is caused by termites or another structural problem.

Let us now check out the ways to prevent termite infestations in your home or office. 

1. Declutter – Get Rid of Unwanted items 

Unwanted things must be removed from your home. This is the first and foremost step to getting rid of termites. You won’t be able to stop the termites from spreading without it. It can also be used for general insect control. As a result, purge your home of unwanted items. At the same time, pay close attention to the stacks of papers, cardboard, and other materials. Termites will be able to thrive in such a cluttered environment. So, don’t let it into your room, and simply throw unwanted items out of your house. If you can get those just right, you’ll be on your way to preventing termites from spreading.

In addition, you must ensure that your home is cleaned on a regular basis. Yes, good cleaning ensures that everything is in order.  So, all you have to do now is do home cleaning on a regular basis, and the benefits will be obvious. If you’re cleaning carpets, make sure to throw the dust away from your home. Otherwise, you won’t be able to stop the spread using this step. Keep it in mind and act accordingly, and you will be able to prevent it without a doubt. You can also opt for recycling unwanted products and enhancing the beauty of your space.

2. Dehumidify – Clear any moisture 

All forms of pests, including termites, like moist environments. If you truly want to eliminate termites, you must first rid your home of humidity. 

3. Repair – Fix Leakage and any other plumbing issues 

A leak in your plumbing system not only leads to wasting water but also creates a breeding ground for termites. Moisture and humidity is their favorite place to thrive.  Therefore, don’t hesitate to give your plumber a call to fix any drainage or leakage issues. Till the time you do not fix them, termites will get plenty of opportunities to enjoy their stay. 

4. Use Solar Energy – Keep things under the sun.

Heat and sunlight are messengers of wrath for the termites. Sunlight and the warmth of the sun play a considerable role in the extermination of termites. If you come across any furniture or item being damaged by the termites, keeping them under strong sunlight will help you in eradicating them. However, don’t forget to minutely clean them while you bring them in again. If the infestation is too much you must speak with any representative of  Pest Control Company in Kolkata to say goodbye to the pests. So you simply put infested items out in the sun on a daily basis, and it will assist you in resolving your termite issues.


5. Furniture Maintenance – Do not allow outside furniture to be brought inside.

If you are a gardener who has a sprawling space where you have wooden garden furniture, do not bring them in. The same applies to terrace furniture or any item that has been outside for a long time. It will be great if you can keep your shoes out of your home premises. 

Finishing Thoughts

pest control near me

If the termites have already infested your work or home space, it might be difficult to check the infestation. You must call professional pest control services charges in Kolkata. You would be able to reclaim your space from the tiny pests. The team of professionals will be able to correctly gauge the situation and would suggest the appropriate measures to solve this issue and ascertain the cost of it. They will take charge of the pest treatment as well. 

Hopefully, you have a fair idea about termite infestation. These tips must be ardently followed to take care of your furniture, home, or office property.

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