Pest Control in Stores

Pest Control in Food Stores & Shops

Introduction for Pest Control in Stores

‘P’ is for Pest and ‘P’ is for Problems. No matter how much their numbers are, pests always freak us out. It can turn our most fearful nightmares into reality. This case is also applied if there is a pest infestation in a shop or a food store.

Imagine buying a packet of lentils and getting half a dozen months free with it. Buying a dozen ants in every kilogram of sugar you purchase….not the best offer you would like to avail right? Neither does the owner wants to serve this offer. The pest infestation has gone beyond limits and neither he nor you can do anything about it. This needs help from professionals. So, to put a speed breaker against these infestations the experts should be consulted and the pests should be dealt with once and for all. 

Types of Pests Infesting in Stores

Pest Control in Stores

There are different kinds of pests inhabiting a store or rental store. Some of the most common but dangerous pests of the food store are: 

  • Cockroach: (Periplaneta sp.) They are most commonly found in grocery shops with shabby and marshy interiors. They destroy foods and spread disease-causing pathogens. 
  • Housefly: (Musca domestica) They are a constant source of problems. They contaminate the commodities by laying eggs and spreading germs and compromises the overall hygiene of the store. 
  • Ants: Ants are mainly found around the sacs of sugar and tons of jaggery. They destroy the sweet foods and bites the people around the shop. 
  • Rats: (Rattus sp.) The rodents devour the shop commodities, tear away the sacks and plastic bags, and spread the deadly disease. 
  • Termites: (Coptotermis sp.) The termites attack the wooden shelves and wooden frames. Termites weaken the shelves from inside and reduce their longevity, making them fragile. 
  • Moths: These although don’t possess the disease-causing capability. Their constant presence and pointless fluttering can be a cause of irritation. 

Devastations of the Pests in the Stores

It is weird to notice that any Garment Store serves a purpose not only for daily needs. Humans also serve as the breeding ground for pests. The ample amount of food, shabby corners of the godown of the store. Even the crevices of the roof serve as an excellent rent-free stay for the pests along with complimentary food.

Pest Control in Stores & Shops

This includes rice, lentils, sugar, jaggery, biscuits, and many others. The housefly and cockroach feast on the food and spreads the pathogens of diseases on it as a return gift. The termites chew off the shelves and make them weak from inside. Thus the entire store becomes a merry place for them and they live their fairy tale lives. This makes the owner’s life miserable and destroys his business in no time.

Preventing the Destruction

As different pests attack different parts of the shop, home remedies turn futile against them. So, the following measures can be taken to prevent their incoming: 

  • Properly disinfecting the godown from time to time. 
  • Using iron shelves for storage to repel termites. 
  • Properly closing the shutter to prevent the pests from sneaking in. 
  • Rat traps can be placed preliminarily. 

But these preventive measures only succeed if the infestation is in a premature stage. Once the infestation grows devastating, only and only pest control services can help you out and take good care of the pets residing in your shop.


Why lose your customers to the pests infesting your shop? Take care of the pest infestation in your shop once and for all…Contact your Pest Service Consultant and let your shop flourish happily ever after!

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