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Importance of Disinfection after Second Wave of Corona


Rahul used to take frequent medicines for over a year for his stomach aches, fever, and few other issues. This became a habit for a certain period. He visited several doctors and even went abroad. He also conducted several tests for all these. But the result was the same, no input. Lastly, one fine day while reading on the importance of Pest Control Solution. He understood the importance of sanitization, the diseases it covers, and the benefits of doing the same. Not only his hassle on medicinal cost and disturbance went way. He also started feeling well mentally and physically. He became more productive than ever.

Relation of sanitation and diseases

Diseases can come from several places, it may be from an infected person or place. Even in cases many of them are airborne. The following happens when they come in contact with microorganisms that spread those diseases. The prevention of such diseases can be prevented. The method and ideas are to bring proper sanitization into place and action. Goodbye Pest has served its clients with professional pest control and sanitization services in Kolkata and all around. One the client writes:

“They’re very responsive and are available whenever you call them and I’m satisfied with your service. God bless.”

Relation of Sanitization and Pest Control

Shabby places and places that consist of germs and not cleaned areas attract pests. The infestation happens very quickly in such places and the results are dangerous.

  • Rodents: Rodent bites are dangerous and lead to deadly diseases.
  • Cockroaches: The cockroaches can cause severe dysentery and may lead to typhoid fever.
  • Ants: They are responsible for bites and stings.
  • Flies: They often cause food poisoning and at times results in diarrhea.
  • Mosquitoes: Mosquito bites will take away your sleep. At the same time will spread malaria and dengue.
  • Termites: Termites almost destroys every piece of furniture and Goodbye Pest is a specialist at Termite Control.

Tomorrow we will be discussing Termite Control and the services provided for pest control in Kolkata to prevent termites.

Importance of Disinfection in the current scenario

India today recorded around 6000 covid cases. In West Bengal, the government has started to open offices at a certain percentage. With shops and malls reopening. At such an alarming rate it will also be bringing infection. There will be a risk of the spread of viruses from one part to another. Thus businesses, institutions, and local places need to avail disinfection services from professionals who can handle sanitization of premises and large buildings.


The need for the hour is proper control and spread of diseases. As the cases of Corona have taken a downslide. This has resulted in relaxation from the government from all spheres. The result will be crowds incoming and lots of people mixing. The offices, businesses, and at risk of contraction of diseases. The safety of employers and employees always comes first hand along with the customer. Even for households, where people like Rahul are spending tons of money on treatments. Where the actual solution is sanitization and pest control in your home. Goodbye Pest takes care of your wellness and sanitization adequately.

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