pest control in school

Pest Control in School and its Significance

Introduction for Pest Control in School

As cases are going down and the possibility is there that school will reopen in the coming time. However, a school caught within the pangs of pests can be rightly defined as an unhealthy place where education is hindered. School is always engrossed with students and teachers. Other than the weekends and due to this school, it’s goodbye, say properties often fall prey to massive pest infestations. Pest infestation school is always very problematic. Unlike houses or shops, the building is large and it is very difficult to find the source of infestation. In such a scenario, only a professional pest control near me services can come to your help. They help you bring the situation under control.

Pest control in School

Types of pests in school

Different pests are found on school premises along with the students. Some of them are: 

  • Housefly: (Musca domestica) They are mainly found in the school canteen. This makes the students ill by the pathogens they spread on the food items in the canteen. 
  • Cockroach: (Periplaneta americana) They are found in less maintained washrooms and also in canteen areas. They also contaminate food particles and compromises the basic sanctity of the place. 
  • Rats: (Rattus sp.) They are found in varied places and often chew off books and important student documents. 
  • Termites: They are also found to live merrily in school in the depths of tables, chairs, desks, and wooden frames. They chew the wood off and make them fragile.

Effects of Pests in School

Pests should be a must “no-no” on the school premises. They can compromise the health of students and can claim their lives in different ways. The deadly effects posed by pests in school are: 

  1. Food poisoning due to Houseflies and cockroach contaminated food. 
  2. Plague can be transmitted effectively by rats. 
  3. The weakened tables and wooden frames and desks by termite infestation may cause any untimely accidents. 
  4. The constant fluttering of termites and cockroaches is a matter of disturbances and irritation. 

The school premises should be always be kept well away from the grasp of pests. To do this effectively and properly a professional pest control service should be called and the pests should be taken care of.

Preventing pests in school 

Prevention of pest infestation in a school by home remedies is practically impossible. But initially, they can be prevented by the following means: 

  • Proper sanitization of school premises. 
  • Termite Control from pest control services near you. 
  • The canteen area should be cleaned and the food prepared should be always covered. 
  • Washrooms should be cleaned and disinfected often. 
  • Insect repellant spray should be used in classrooms. 

If there is a massive pest infestation in full swing, the source of the pest infestation should be found and taken care of. This is the job of a professional pest control expert. So, if there is a massive pest infestation in your school, then call up the expert immediately and ensure the safety of the students.


Never let your students study in an unhealthy environment when you can gift them a proper and impactful education in a pest-free environment. So, call up your nearest pest control service, say the pests goodbye, and let the students enjoy their school life. Education and health go hand in hand!

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