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Here is the detailed step-by-step discussion about facts about rats.

The cyclones are a devastating integral part of the subtropical region. It rains and showers throughout and damages crops from fields and other plantations.

There is something worse than that are Rodents, they feed on crops. Rodents’ assaults usually harm as much as 55% of plant crops. They harm delicate coconuts by making little openings and making them tumble to the ground in two to six days.

Additionally, cocoa, pomegranate, and date palms are likewise harmed. There are several aspects of how the damages are correlated.

First of all, inflation, the rise in the price of goods increases to a tremendous amount as availability decreases to a large extent.

They are also the bearer of certain diseases that can transmit to human beings. Here we will discuss the disruptions created by rodents.

The rodent is a Latin word meaning all types of rats. There are four types of rodents found in the Indian atmosphere:

  • Roof Rat
  • House Mouse
  • Bandicoot
  • Norway Rat

In spite of that, we found few types of mole rats, squirrels.

Most damage is caused by roof rats and the house mouse. Around 11.56% of total grain loss can occur per year. 

Growth of Rodents

The problems with rodents are far from normal, their reproduction rate is comparatively high, usually, a female rodent gets pregnant around 11-15 times in a year and can give birth to 14-15 rodents. Interestingly they can mate after giving birth immediately.

So, this becomes a serious problem and their growth cannot be halted so easily. In such cases, proper pest control is required to curb down on the part of growth and development.

This is one of the basic parts which is not looked after proactively.


However, we can control the rodent population and restrict them with professional pest control.

So, here we discuss only the roof rat and the house mouse.

Roof Rat

Rats are considered to be omnivorous, but when there are grains, grains are preferred. Unless the food source is very moist, rats should drink water every day.

When the rats explore the bait they become scared of the new one, which is known as neophobia.

It should be considered when checking bait for the first time after treatment.

On the farm, stored forage and grain, bedding, and even animal manure provide an ideal environment to support rodent infestation.

Rats that live and eat outdoors can enter and usually live indoors. Rodents can make a typically large population over there.

House Mouse

House mouse is common pests in urban environments, although field mice (yellow-necked mice), Apodemus, can be a problem when infiltrating buildings in the fall and winter.

The control is similar to that of field mice. The same process is used in house mouse also.

Rats drink water when they drink water, but they can survive by eating food that has 15% water content.

They are omnivores; They feed in different places during dinner.

Whole grain wheat that is partially eaten by mice has a chopped appearance in kitchens and pantries. 

General Biology and Behavior 

Rodents can adapt to almost any environment. 

They have great reproductive potential and their natural cunning and vitality make them one of the most successful animals in the world.

Rodents use all five senses to survive: smell, touch, hearing, sight, and taste. Touch is considered the most important. 

Developed from the feel of a rodent with a beard on its face that protects the hair between the fur.

These organs help rodents navigate in the dark and determine the shape and size of objects.

Because the position of objects is very close, the breed is well established. The smell also plays a role in the formation of the breed.

When a hazard arises, it is important to use this information automatically.

Problems Associated with Rats and Mouse

Problems caused by them in Agriculture

Problems lie in ignorance, where it is considered normal but the loss is terrible.

The cash crops are the real sufferers, such as sugarcane and coconuts are the ones that are deliberately attacked.

But the staple food of India is rice, where the damages are uncontrollable and the losses are very hard to recover from.

Problems caused by them on Electrical System

The rodent usually has a disturbing habit of chewing everything, it ranges from electrical wires, wood, to other materials.

In straightforward terms, broken electrical wiring and defective electrical associations present genuine dangers to the construction, the individual belongings inside the design, and the family that abides there.

The process of infestation is a very fast process that tends to cause an overall problem. 

Diseases which are caused by Rodents

Numerous diseases are caused by rodents. They are carriers of certain diseases which are deadly such as hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), Tularemia, and Salmonella.

  1. Hanta Virus

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) is a deadly syndrome that is caused by droppings of urine that bear that disease. There was a recent outbreak of the Hantavirus disease after the outbreak of covid in several parts of the world.


  • Leptospirosis

 It is a disease caused by bacteria which is known as Leptospira. It infects human beings as well as different kinds of animals. Some have no symptoms but in cases, they can get severely ill. This is usually passed by the dropping of their urine.


The primary reason for rat and rat control should be reduced or eliminated:

  • The spread of disease
  • product contamination
  • damages food supply and property

Rodents can harm human food through ingestion, stool and urine contamination, and other physical contamination.

Rodents can eliminate salmonella and many other pathogens that spread Listeria, Escherichia coli, Cryptosporidium Parvum, Leptospira, Hantavirus, Bubonic Plague, and Toxoplasmosis.

Nature of Rodents

All rodents have an amazing nature. They have a pair of incisors in their upper and lower jaws. These teeth continue to grow throughout their lives to compensate for the wear and tear they have caused.

Almost all types of food are susceptible to rodent infestation. The structure of buildings, cables and pipes was also damaged. Rat-related problems weren’t as careful as Bandicoot or other types of rats and tend to infiltrate buildings during the day.

They are bigger, stronger, and can pass unsuitable test materials. Like mice, their powerful jaws and sharp front teeth can cause serious damage.

Rodents can spoil human food by ingesting them, feces, and urine contamination.

Why We Should Control Rodents

  1. As India is a country of agriculture and the financial backbone thus it is required to restrict rodents to prevent loss of crops.
  2. To prevent disease and sustain the health of common people, it is needed to control rodents.
  3. To maintain social sanitization and hygiene rodents are also to be controlled.


Here is a big role of a good pest control company. There are social responsibilities for the pest control operator as well. Integrated pest management cant give relief and can rescue from ongoing problems of rodents.

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