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Common Pest Problems At Home

1. Mosquitoes

One of the most dangerous pests in the world is Mosquito. There are almost 3,000 species of mosquitoes in the world and can be dangerous for your health as they spread deadly diseases.

Stagnant water is the main source for the mosquitoes to reproduce because the female mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water. The main Problems they can cause is the diseases they spread.

Mosquitoes can infect people with Zika Virus, Yellow Fever, Dengue, Malaria and other diseases.

2. Ants

Ant's are the social pests that live in colonies or groups. You can see ant's marching in your home or in your garden in the search of food. Sweet dishes are the most common thing that attract ant's. For them even a  minor hole or gap in your window frame, door frame, ceiling, etc. Can be their entry way.

Well, most of the species of ant's that don't pose much health risks for human life but that shouldn't be the reason of tolerating them or allowing them to crawl in your garden or home. Sometimes however ant's can be health hazard.

3. Rats

Rats are the mammals and warm - blooded animal. They live in your house just because of the same reason you are living their - food, shelter and water. They love warm and quite spots. 

Rats and rodents cause problems and damage to your property because they constantly gnaw things like wire, woods, cardboards, clothes, etc. They do this because their incisors never stop growing.

 And this can be reason of their death so, they need something to gnaw to cut their teeth done to keep them growing in the skull. But, rates do not damage your property only but, they spread diseases too as they carry and bring bacteria and   viruses along with them to your home. 

Plague, Laptospirosis, Salmonellosis, Rat Bit Fever, Q Fever Rickettsia Disease are the common diseases caused by rats and mice.

4. Roaches

Cockroaches or roaches have been around since million years almost the time of dinosaurs, evolving one of the most adaptable 4000 living species of cockroaches on the earth.  

Cockroaches are commonly found at homes and buildings as they like to live in warm environments close to foods and water. Roaches can bite which may lead to wound infection, gastric upset and food poisoning.

Get the Right Help Pest Problems in Your Home.

These are the most common pest problems faced by every homeowner. If you want to get rid of such pest problems in your house then you must get the right help. You should call the expert pest control service in Kolkata to help you to get rid of nasty pesti that can cause deadly diseases.

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