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Well today we are here to give some knowledge about Cockroach Control. Goodbye Pest control is a best Termite Control Service Provider in Kolkata, and it's a Guaranteed Service in kolkata.

Termite is considered as some of the most hardworking of insects whose host range from some fruit trees, corn, sugarcane. cotton, potatoes, sweet potatoes, tea, cassava, soybean groundnuts. Numerous scientific research studies have been conducted and as such, there have been volumes of general termite information. Nevertheless, of importance is the damage associated with these insects. Wilting is first disastrous sing that is dominant in any crop attacked by termite. A plant ends up dying as they tunnel through its roots, stem, and branches by which they affect nutrient movement in the plant's vascular system.

Known to mostly feed on wood, termites also do collect seeds and some green grasses that they store in their nests' granaries. The food is used to feed growing nymphs. The queen in each colony lays about five eggs and once hatched, the larvae are fed by her gastric juices. Expansion of sixteen to twenty-four eggs bound together by a gelatinous secretion. The incubation period varies from species to the other and once hatched, the larvae undergo seven nymph stage, but this again varies from species to species.

Just like bees a termite colony, according to general termite information, comprises of four castes namely the king, queen, worker, and soldier. The Queen's work involves laying eggs and feeding of larvae. She is the largest termite in the colony and the King is always by her side ready to mate her. She is a capacity of laying up to one thousand eggs in a day. The soldiers have onion-shaped, rounded heads which sport powerful jaws. They are known to emit a liquid when disturbed. However, outnumbering every termite in the colony are the Workers. Theirs is to look for food, feed the QUEEN and take care of the larvae and constructing and general nest maintenance. Unlike ants, termite King and Queens can also be Workers.

A farmer needs to know some of this general termite information, to avoid going into huge losses after a termite infestation, Termites love wood and have in the recent past contributed to the insertion of a termite infestation report in the overall evaluation before the sale of any house in INDIA. Some of the signs of infestation include swarming of the mites near light and construction almud tube-like passageways, which the insects use when shuttling between their colonies underground and the structure on which they are infesting. Homeowners are advised to leave the job of Termite Treatment to PROFESSIONALS, as it requires someone with skills.

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