Cockroach Control Service Provider in Kolkata


Well today we are here to give some knowledge about Cockroach Control. Goodbye Pest control is a best Bed Bugs Control Service Provider in Kolkata, and it's a Guaranteed Service in kolkata.

How to Bed Bugs get into your home?

Bed Bugs can be transported into an uninfested home by you or other people. If you are traveling, be wary of any hidden infestations in the home or hotel you are Staying at. When purchasing used furniture. check the environment and the piece thoroughly before bringing it home. Bed frames and mattresses make excellent places for Bed Bugs and their eggs to hide. Bed Bugs also hide in luggage, clothing, pillows, boxes, and any other container when moving between places. Bed Bugs will move between apartments via cracks and voids in adjoining walls as well as holes for pipes and wires. If you have an infestation, check your neighbor's house or apartment. Bed Bugs can out feeding, therefore, they may already occupy a 'clean' apartment or home.


Signs of Bed Bug infestation

Bed Bug is suspect if the following are apparent Residents complaining of bug bites when they wake up. Dark brown or reddish fecal spots are apparent on linens. mattresses, or the walls near the bed. A peculiar odor can be detected infested areas.Inspect bed frames, creases, and folds in bedding. mattresses and particularly the seams and tufts of your mattress and box springs. inspect pleats of your curtains, bench loose wallpaper by the bed, in corner of dressers and desks, spaces in wicker furniture, behind cove molding, and any items on or around the floor.

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