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This is a domestic lizard. It eats insects and has become domestic because you kind find him in most of the houses. It is a nocturnal animal. So during the day, you won't find it Is kind of small. like 10 cm. The first time I saw one I got scared, but they do no harm to humans.


Lizard diets vary. Most smaller types are insectivores. They eat insects and spiders. Some of larger lizards like the Gila Monster.They eat small animals including other lizards. Most lizards find their, food visually through movement. Whiptails may use their sense of smell to find small animals. Lizards have a small row of teeth on their upper and lower jaws. They also have teeth an th roof of their mouth. Food is crushed in their jaws, then swallowed with little chewing.


Lizards live in deserts, but others live in temperate forests. rainforests, prairies, marshes, and streams. However, most lizards live on the ground or in trees. lizards are the easiest reptile to watch because they are common. They are most active in the warm, daylight summer hours. They usually feed when temperatures rise above 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Some lizards hide in burrows or underneath rocks. Most lizards hibernate through the winter but may come out on warm days to feed.


Most lizards place their eggs in a nest. Other lizards do not lay their eggs. but give birth after hatching their eggs inside the body. Still, other lizard species give birth to live young.


Most lizards have dry, scaly skin. four legs clawed feet. external ear openings, a long tail.

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